Spiced Tomato Soup

2 quarts "Stock."

1 1/2 table spoonfuls raw rice (washed).

1 pint "Stewed Tomatoes" (or canned).

Pepper and salt.

A few whole cloves.

Put the Stock on to boil, or use water in which roast meat bones have been boiled. When boiling throw in the rice and tomatoes. Season with pepper, salt, and cloves, and boil for half an hour.

Or you can use what is left from dinner of rice and tomatoes.

What soup is left, use to moisten hash. It makes a good seasoning.

Tomato Soup. (No. 1.)

2 1/2 quarts beef "stock." 2 onions, sliced. 1 carrot sliced.

1 turnip sliced.

2 quarts stewed tomatoes (or canned).

1/4 pound butter. 3 tablespoonfuls flour. 4 teaspoonfuls sugar. Salt and pepper.

Put on the stock to boil with the vegetables, and boil all together three quarters of an hour. Then strain. Wash the soup-pot and dry it. Then put the butter in it; when it is hot, add the flour. Mix it well. Pour the soup over it. Then season. Boil up once. Skim it, and pour into the tureen.

Makes four quarts of soup.

Tomato Soup. (No. 2.)

1 quart sliced tomatoes. 1 quart boiling water.

1 teaspoonful soda, dry.

1 quart milk.

1 tablespoonful butter. Salt, and red pepper. Fine cracker-crumbs.

Boil the tomatoes in the water until perfectly tender (about one hour) and strain. Then add the soda. When the effervescence subsides, add the milk and butter. Season to taste, putting in enough red pepper to make it decidedly hot. Lastly add cracker-crumbs enough to thicken very slightly. Boil up well, and it is ready for the table.

(Canned tomatoes may be used.) A little chopped parsley is a pleasant addition.