Lobster Stew

Cut a lobster into small squares, cook slowly in fresh butter, adding a cup of cream sauce. Pour in some Worcestershire sauce, and a little curry-powder. Salt and pepper and serve on slices of thin, crisp, buttered toast. Mrs. P. J. Simmons.

Lobster Patties

One tablespoonful of lobster meat cut into dice, six mushrooms, one truffle, one tablespoonful of butter, one teaspoonful of flour, one-half cupful of cream, salt, cayenne. Put a tablespoonful of butter into a saucepan and when melted add one level tablespoonful of flour; cook, but not brown; add slowly the stock and stir until perfectly smooth; then add the cream; after it begins to thicken add the lobster meat, the chopped truffle and mushrooms. Season highly. Let simmer for five minutes. This must be creamy, but not too soft. Have ready rich puff pattie shells; fill and serve at once. A. R. A.

Lobster Croquettes

Cut one-half of a boiled lobster into small pieces; put one tablespoon of butter into a stew-pan and when hot sprinkle in one tablespoon of flour and cook; pour in a cup of boiling cream, let it boil, and add lobster; stir until scalding hot, then take from the fire, and when slightly cooled stir in three beaten eggs; salt and pepper to taste; return to the fire and stir; let boil long enough to set the eggs; butter a dish and spread the lobster; when cold form into pyramids; dip into bread-crumbs and fry. Serve hot. A. M. B.

Lobster Farcie

Remove the lobster from the shell, and cut the fish into small pieces. Stir in the meat a thick cream sauce. Season with salt, red pepper, Worcestershire sauce, and a small quantity of onion juice. Put into shells again, sprinkle thickly with bread-crumbs, and brown in the oven very slowly. A. M. D.

Lobster Sausages

Pick the flesh from a medium-sized freshly-boiled lobster. Mince fine and pound it in a mortar with two ounces of fresh butter, a little salt, cayenne, and pounded mace, and half of the coral, which has been pounded separately, and pressed through a hair sieve with the back of a spoon. Shape the mixture into rolls like sausages, sprinkle the rest of the coral over them, and place them in oven with a moderate fire until they are quite hot. Serve them on a folded napkin, and garnish with lettuce leaves. Mrs. Clara Bristow.

Cold Lobster

Take off the large claws and crack the shell lightly, without disfiguring the fish. Split open the tail with a sharp knife, and dish the fish on a folded napkin, with the head in an upright position in the center, and the tail and claws arranged neatly round it. Garnish with parsley. Salt, cayenne, mustard, salad-oil, and vinegar should be eaten with it.

Mrs. H. Brown.