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Bisque, Mariniere

Broiled Bluefish, Maitre d'Hotel (328)

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Mignons of Beef, Sauce Poivrade

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Diplomatic Pudding (436)

1785. Bisque, Mariniere

Place in a saucepan twelve medium, fresh opened oysters, four large freshly opened hard clams, twelve uncooked shelled shrimps, twenty-four freshly opened raw mussels, half a pound fresh whitensh cut in small pieces, four branches parsley, two branches chervil, a sprig thyme, two bay leaves, two cloves, one and a half teaspoons salt, two saltspoons white pepper, a saltspoon greated nutmeg, half pint white wine, one and a half quarts water, cover pan and let boil thirty minutes.

Mix in a saucepan one ounce butter with two and a half ounces flour, heat for a minute, strain broth into pan and continually stir until it comes to a boil. Finely chop all the different fish and add to boiling soup with a pint milk, mix well and boil for twenty minutes. Dilute two egg yolks with a half gill cream and a half ounce butter and add to soup, mix while heating for three minutes, strain soup through a Chinese strainer into tureen and serve with a plate of bread croutons (No. 23) separately.

1786. Mignons Of Beef, Sauce Poivrade

Cut two pounds trimmed tenderloin of beef in six equal filets, season with a teaspoon salt, half teaspoon pepper, then lightly baste with a little oil, arrange on a broiler and broil for four minutes on each side. Arrange six freshly prepared slices of toast a quarter inch thick and of same size as filets on a hot dish, place filets on toast, then pour a hot poivrade sauce (No. 546) over and serve.