Grape Fruit (130) Farina with Milk (74)

Omelette, Financiere

Broiled Sardines on Toast (740)

Beef Saute, Anglaise (513)

Potatoes en Pailles (611)

Rice Cakes (221)

1780. Omelette, Financiere

Crack eight fresh eggs in a bowl, add half a gill cream, half teaspoon salt, two saltspoons white pepper, and sharply beat with fork for two minutes. Heat a tablespoon melted butter in frying pan, add three raw, well-cleaned chicken livers cut in halves and gently fry two minutes on each side. Add two tablespoons sherry, two gills demi-glace (No. 122), half saltspoon cayenne, six small stoned olives, six canned mushrooms, six very thin slices truffles, three pickles cut in three-quarter-inch pieces, quarter teaspoon freshly chopped parsley, mix well and cook for six minutes, lightly stirring meanwhile. Heat a tablespoon melted butter in frying pan, drop in the beaten eggs, briskly mix with fork for two minutes and let rest half a minute, fold the two opposite sides to meet in centre and let rest one minute, turn on a hot dish, pour garnishing and sauce around omelette and serve.


Stewed Clams, Parisienne

Lamb Fries, Horly

Herring Salad, Wilmington

Tartlet of Eggs

Chocolate Eclairs (1279)

1781. Stewed Clams, Parisienne

Finely chop three well-washed leeks, place in saucepan with a tablespoon butter and lightly brown for ten minutes, occasionally stirring meanwhile, pour in a quart and a half white broth (No. 701), season with half teaspoon salt and half teaspoon white pepper. Cut four well-washed, peeled raw potatoes in quarter-inch squares, add to broth, and let gently boil for twenty minutes. Carefully open thirty-six little neck clams, add to soup with their liquor, one pint water, and let boil for ten minutes, being careful to skim once in a while. Pour in two gills hot milk, one ounce butter and a saltspoon cayenne, mix well, pour stew into a soup tureen and serve.

1782. Lamb Fries, Horly

Cut in halves and remove skin from twelve very fresh lamb fries, plunge in boiling water for five minutes, lift up and thoroughly drain on a cloth. Place in a bowl, squeeze in juice of half a sound lemon, add half teaspoon freshly chopped parsley, one teaspoon salt, half teaspoon pepper, a saltspoon grated nutmeg, and thoroughly mingle fries in seasoning. Prepare a frying batter (No. 204), roll lamb fries in the batter, then immediately drop one by one in boiling fat and fry for ten minutes, turning with skimmer once in a while. Remove, drain on a cloth, dress on dish with a folded napkin, decorate with a little parsley greens and serve with gill of tomato sauce (No. 16) separately.

1783. Herring Salad, Wilmington

Cut in quarter-inch squares and place in a bowl two skinned and boned, sound smoked herrings, two boiled, peeled, cold, medium potatoes, two peeled and cored sound apples, two cold hard-boiled eggs and pickled red beet. Season with four tablespoons dressing (No. 863), mix well, wipe the bowl all around and serve.

1784. Tartlet Of Eggs

Prepare six tartlet crusts (No. 161), neatly wipe insides without removing from moulds, then carefully crack one fresh egg into each crust. Season the eggs evenly with three saltspoons salt, two saltspoons white pepper and one saltspoon grated nutmeg, pour a tablespoon cream over each egg, set in oven for four minutes, remove, carefully lift tartlets from mould, dress on dish with a folded napkin and serve.