Oysters (18)

Radishes (58) Anchovy Canape's (141)

Cream of Rice, Japonaise

Salmon Trout, Richelieu Potatoes, Marquise (1044)

Grenadins of Chicken, Astor

Fresh Peas with Tarragon (1749)

Roast Saddle of Lamb, Mint Sauce

Romaine Salad (214)

Ice Cream, Romaine (562)

2479. Cream Of Rice, Japonaise

Place in a saucepan six ounces well-washed rice, add three sliced leeks, one medium, sliced onion, two branches parsley, one branch chervil, one clove and one bay leaf. Moisten with two quarts water, season with teaspoon salt, add one pound raw chicken and half pound raw veal bones, then let slowly boil for one and a half hours, press the soup through a sieve, then through a Chinese strainer into saucepan and keep hot until required. Have quart boiling water in saucepan with teaspoon salt, strew in two ounces Japanese pearls and boil for forty minutes, occasionally mixing at the bottom. Drain on a sieve and wash under running water until free from sticking to the fingers, add them to the soup. Dilute a teaspoon curry powder in teaspoon cream and add to the soup, pour in two gills milk and two gills cream, adding a half ounce butter, saltspoon cayenne pepper and saltspoon grated nutmeg, mix well until it comes to a boil, skim the scum from the surface, pour the cream into a soup tureen and serve.

2480. Salmon Trout, Richelieu

Procure three three-quarter pound slices salmon trout, place them in a sauteuse with half gill white wine, gill water, tablespoon vinegar, one branch parsley, half ounce butter, light teaspoon salt and three saltspoons pepper. Cover the fish with a buttered paper, set in the oven for fifteen minutes, then bring it to the oven door. Add twenty-four small, freshly opened oysters around the salmon, reset in the oven for ten minutes, remove and dress the fish on a hot dish one overlapping another. Prepare a Hollandaise sauce (No. 26), drain the oysters, add them to the Hollandaise sauce with six small slices truffle and six sliced, canned mushrooms, pour a tablespoon of fresh liquor in the sauce, mix well, pour the sauce over the fish and serve.

2481. Grenadins Of Chicken, Astor

Have three tender spring chickens of one and a quarter to one and a half pounds each, detach the legs and keep them on a plate, cut off the wings, then carefully lift up the breasts, remove the skin and bones from the breasts, split each breast open without separating, then lay them open on a clean board. Finely chop two cunces raw, lean veal, place in a mortar with an egg yolk and pound to a paste, then rub it through a sieve into a bowl, add two saltspoons salt, half saltspoon cayenne pepper, half saltspoon grated nutmeg, one finely chopped truffle, gradually pour in two tablespoons cream, sharply stirring while adding it, season the breasts with half teaspoon salt and two saltspoons pepper, spread the force inside the breast, evenly divided, fold them up so as to entirely enclose the force, heat two tablespoons clarified butter in a sauteuse, adding ten well-cleaned, medium-sized, fresh, sliced mushrooms, and cook them for five minutes, frequently tossing meanwhile, lift them up with a skimmer and keep them on a plate.

Arrange the breasts in the mushroom pan and gently fry them for four minutes on each side, moisten with one and a half gills good Sauterne wine and two tablespoons good sherry, cover the sauteuse and let them reduce to half the quantity on the range, pour in one and a half gills cream, season with a half teaspoon salt and salt-spoon cayenne, shuffle the pan and cook for eight minutes. Prepare six heart-shaped bread croutons of the same size as the grenadins, quarter-inch in thickness, dip them in melted butter, then place them on a tin, set in the oven until they obtain a nice golden colour on both sides, remove, arrange them on a hot dish, star-like, place a grenadin on top of each crouton and keep them hot until required. Mix in a saucepan one ounce butter with tablespoon flour and heat it for half a minute, stirring well meanwhile, then pour the contents of the sauteuse in the pan, continually mix until it comes to a boil, strain the sauce through a Chinese strainer into another saucepan, add the mushrooms and let boil for ten minutes, pour over the grenadins, sprinkle a little chopped truffle over all and serve.

N. B. Remove the feet and second joint bones from the six legs of the three chickens and place them into an earthen jar, adding one sliced carrot, a sliced onion, a crushed bean garlic, branch parsley, branch chervil, six tarragon leaves, sprig thyme, blade mace, bay leaf, one clove, teaspoon allspice, teaspoon whole black pepper and teaspoon salt. Moisten with a half pint claret, two gills water and the juice of half a sound lemon, mix well, cover the pan and keep in the ice box until Saturday's dinner, for chicken-leg dijonnaise. Thoroughly clean the carcasses of the three chickens and keep for chicken broth at Saturday's luncheon.

2482. Roast Saddle Of Lamb, Mint Sauce

Remove the red skin from a small, tender, fat saddle of lamb, fold up the flanks underneath, firmly tie it all around, then lay it on a roasting pan, spread a little melted butter over the surface, pour two tablespoons water in the pan, season with teaspoon salt and half teaspoon pepper, set in the oven for one hour, turning and basting it once in a while. Remove, untie, dress on a dish, decorate with a little watercress and serve with saucebowl of mint sauce (No. 256) separately.