The embroidered center pieces should be those having yellow for the prevailing color. In the center of the table should be a vase of yellow flowers. At each place may be placed a card with the name of the person in heavy gilt letters On a bread and butter plate at each place put a ball of butter, a couple of Saratogo wafers, and a half lemon rind filled with very finely-chopped cabbage salad.

First Course

Potato Puree with Whipped Cream.

Second Course

Fish Turbot in Individual Shells, and Brown Bread with Pickles.

Third Course

Creamed Chicken with Mushrooms, served in Ramikin dishes. Coffee, Hot Rolls and Jelly with this course.

Fourth Course

Shrimp Salad.

Fifth Course

Trilby Ice Cream and Assorted Cake.

This is not a difficult menu, as the work can be done largely beforehand. The fish and chicken may be made ready for the final cooking in the little dishes, and one course will cook while the preceding one is being served. This insures every dish to be piping hot.

Red Luncheon

Deviled crackers.

Oyster Loaves. Sweet Potato Croquettes.

Stuffed Tomatoes. Hot Rolls. Chopped Pickles.

Raspberry Frappe.

Chestnut Salad. Wafers.

Cherry Pudding.

Coffee. Iced Grapes.