HERE we give a few suggestions which may not come amiss. From the subjoined list a nice variety of dishes may be selected: Panned oysters, boiled ham, fried chicken, pressed chicken, pressed veal, veal loaf, plain hard-boiled eggs, stuffed eggs, sardines, sausages, baked beans, Saratoga potatoes, radishes, cold slaw, salads of any kind, pickled peaches, pickled beans (the white wax beans are nicest, and spice them a little), rolled sandwiches, plain sandwiches, jelly, pickles, etc. Potted meats that can be procured at grocery stores are quite nice. Bottled pickles are rather in favor. Take butter in a jelly-glass or other covered dish. Take bread in a whole loaf rather than in slices, but if slices are preferred wrap each two, buttered and laid together, in tissue paper. Biscuit are always nice. Ginger cookies are relished more than rich cake. If Saratoga potatoes are used, fry only a few at a time in hot lard and carry them in fancy papers. Take jelly and preserves in glasses. Cakes and pies to suit one's taste. Tea may be put into a bottle of cold water, and will make a good beverage. Portable lemonade is handy, but lemons should always be carried if they can be procured, together with all seasonable fruits. Don't forget pepper, and salt, and sugar.

For A Social Tea Party Of 25

6 dozen sandwiches. 100 fried oysters. 2 chickens pressed. 1 pound coffee. 1 gallon ice cream. Cake as desired, in little or great variety.

Ice Cream And Cake For 25 Persons

One gallon of cream and 3 loaves of cake will serve 25 persons. The writer has gotten 50 large dishes of cream by actual count from 2 1/2 gallons, besides giving out many extra spoonsful to different children.