"We have no patience with those journals which indulge in ungallant remarks and ribald laughter over the annual statement of what the sweet Vassar girls have been eating during the school year. The figures presented by the board of trustees grow more and more serious year by year, and the statistics for 1886-87, now at hand, are simply appalling. To begin with, the dear, delicate creatures consumed 230 barrels of flour. Their small white teeth opened and closed upon 100,000 buckwheat cakes, 10,000 bananas, 30,000 oranges and lemons, and 32,000 clams. They further diminished the resources of the country by swallowing 84,000 pounds of fresh meats, 8,000 pounds of smoked meats, nearly 5,000 pounds of turkeys, over 4,000 pounds of chickens, nearly as many of fish, 141 gallons of oysters, 14,000 pounds of butter, 95,000 quarts of milk, 25,000 pounds of sugar (whence their unusual sweetness), and 1,000 bushels of potatoes. Add to this tea and coffee, condiments, fruits, vegetables, sweet-meats, and surreptitious luncheons, and the total becomes positively colossal.

If this rate of consumptions increases, or even continues, It will be expedient to have the daily food purchases of Vassar included in the market reports of the country for the sake of their effect upon prices".