"The holidays bring a wealth of work for the cooks at Windsor. The kitchen, on the north side of the castle, is fitted elaborately enough to delight the heart even of a Careme. The apartment is nearly fifty feet in height, and has an enormous fire at either end, with a system of spits after the fashion of university kitchens. As an ordinary staff there are the chef de cuisine, two master cooks, two yeomen of the month, two roasting cooks, two larderer6, five scourers, one steam man and three kitchen maids, besides apprentices and serving men. The number of dinners that can be cooked in this kitchen is simply marvelous. Every detail of the arrangements is worked out with the greatest of care, the dishes being handed straight to the footmen from the cooks, and by them conveyed to the various rooms".

Stewarding At A Penitentiary

" The provisions required for the dinner given, the convicts at Joliet, 111., on Thanksgiving were 1,700 pounds of dressed turkey, 60 gallons of turkey dressIng, 80 gallons of gravy, 30 bushels of potatoes, 6 barrels of flour, 5 bushels of onions 200 gallons of coffee, 16 gallons of milk, 85 pounds of sugar, 40 pounds of English currants, 120 pounds of butter, 30 gallons of syrup, 15 barrels of apples, 3,200 cigars. Each of the married gaurds was given a turkey".