How To Clean Combs

Put a few drops of ammonia in a basin of water and let the combs remain in it a few minutes, rinse and wipe. Combs may also be cleaned in gasoline.

How To Clean A Bathtub

Use kerosene, gasoline, or turpentine on an enameled tub.

For The Bath

Mix four ounces of alcohol, one-half ounce of ammonia and one drachm of oil of lavender, and pour a few drops into a bowl of water to perfume and soften it.

For Bath Bags

4 lbs. oatmeal

1 1/2 lb. powdered orrisroot

1 1/2 lb. almond meal

2 quarts of bran

1 lb. white castile soap

3 oz. violet sachet

Have the soap dried and powdered, mix all together and keep in glass jars from which to fill small cheese cloth bags to use as sponges.

Another pleasing softener and perfume is made with two and one-half pounds of fine oatmeal and four ounces of powdered orris root. Make cheese cloth bags about four inches square, and fill as wanted.

Two tablespoonfuls of powdered borax is good to soften the water in the bath.

A few drops of lavender and cologne in the bath are pleasing.

A few drops of camphor seems refreshing in a bath.

How To Clean Bristle Brushes

Wash in warm water in which a little baking soda is dissolved, and rinse in warm water and turn bristle side down to dry.

For The Hands

Immediately after washing and wiping the hands, dip in vinegar and rub together till dry.

Corn meal used with vinegar is good.

Lemon juice is fine for removing stains from the hands.

Putting salt into water for rinsing the hands after cleaning them in soapy water, will be beneficial.

A little granulated sugar should be kept on the wash-stand to dip the fingers in after covering with soap. The sugar makes a fine lather and leaves the hands very soft. Do not keep much sugar on the stand, as it soon gets hard, but add to it as needed.

Rubbing the hands with a cut tomato once each day will remove stains and whiten the hands.

For A Discolored Neck

Dissolve one teaspoonful of salt in one pint of fresh milk, wash the neck with it at night, let it dry on, and wash off with warm water in the morning.

How To Clean A Sponge

Rub lemon juice well into it, and rinse in several lukewarm waters, to remove a sour smell.