Delicious meat dishes may be prepared from remnants of cooked meat such as thriftless housekeepers throw away and unskilful ones warm over carelessly in a frying-pan.

Learn to combine acceptably whatever materials you have on hand, varying the regular recipes to suit the case. For example, you may substitute bread-crumbs or macaroni for potatoes, stewed tomatoes for gravy, rice for macaroni, and so on. Be sure to make the dish look attractive, and if possible find for it an appetizing name. Skill in using up left-overs provides many a dainty and saves many a dollar.

How To Prepare Meat To Be Used In Rechauffes

Remove all bone and gristle, and, when the meat is to be hashed, trim off the fat. Save the bones for soup-stock, the fat for trying out. Cut the meat in cubes or thin slices, or chop it fine. If tender and well-cooked, take care to reheat it only, not recook it; if tough or underdone, simmer it until tender, saving the cooking water to make a sauce. Season it rather highly, since meat after cooling is less savory than when fresh-cooked.

Directions For Making Hash

Mix and heat together equal parts of chopped cooked meat and chopped boiled potatoes. If dry, add for each pint of hash one table-spoonful of butter or drippings, and two of hot water or stock. Season with salt and pepper, adding onion juice, parsley, or other seasoning, if desired.

1 French, rechauffer, to heat again.

To brown hash, add two teaspoonfuls of milk; let the hash cook unstirred till brown on one side; fold like omelet.

Corned Beef Hash

Boiled corned beef (about one-fourth fat), 1 part. Boiled potatoes, 2 parts. Onion juice, a few drops.

. Pepper.

Chop or grind the corned beef, not too fine. Chop the potatoes by themselves and mix them with the meat. Season and heat over hot water, or in a frying-pan over moderate heat.

Minced Meat On Toast

Chop fine any cold, lean meat. Season, and warm in gravy or sauce sufficient to moisten it. Spread on slices of crisp toast dipped in salted water. (P. 89.)

Chartreuse Of Rice And Meat

Rice, 1 c.

Cooked meat, minced, 2 c.

Bread or cracker crumbs, 1/4 c.

Hot water, stock, or gravy enough to enable the meat to be packed solidly.

Salt. Pepper.

Other seasonings to taste; e.g., with chicken, two teaspoonfuls of parsley, fine cut, and celery salt; with veal, two tablespoonfuls minced onion fried in butter, and ten or twelve drops of lemon juice; with mutton or lamb, fried onion and minced celery, or celery salt; with beef, fried onion.

Boil the rice. (For directions, see p. 74.) Prepare and mix the other ingredients. Line a buttered mould with a one-half inch layer of boiled rice, well pressed down; pack in the meat mixture; cover it with rice; set the bowl in hot water; and steam for about forty-five minutes. Turn out of the mould and serve with Tomato Sauce (p. 158) around it.

Meat Pie

Fill a deep earthen dish with cooked meat cut small. Mix in cut-up potatoes and other vegetables if desired. Moisten with gravy. The gravy should almost cover the meat. If there is not enough, add hot water, and if necessary, thicken it slightly with flour. Season the mixture. For the crust make biscuit dough according to recipe on page 100 (using half the recipe for a small pie). Pat out the dough to the size of the dish, and spread it over the meat. Press down the edges to make it fit the dish. Make a few holes in the crust to let out steam. Bake till the crust is light brown. Mashed potato may take the place of a biscuit crust.