Early Duchess (Duchess Precoce)

Large, obovate pyriform; color yellow, usually with blushed cheek, and showing numerous russet dots with traces, blotches, and areas of brownish russet; stalk one inch long, usually inclined, and with fleshy formation at insertion in narrow shallow cavity; basin shallow, abrupt, regular, with show of ribbing. Flesh whitish, juicy, tender, fine-grained, buttery, quality very good. Season, October. Does well around the lakes. Europe.

Early Harvest

Large, golden yellow, with bright red cheek; quality hardly good. Yet it is grown quite extensively for market on account of its size, beauty, and the hardiness and free bearing of the tree. Ripens one month earlier than Bartlett. Ohio.

Easter Belle

Medium, obovate pyriform, somewhat obtuse; color pale yellow, usually with bright red cheek; some patches of russet, and many russet dots; stalk short, stout, inclined, and usually fleshy at point of insertion in slight cavity. Flesh whitish yellow, somewhat coarse at core, half melting, very sweet, rich, very good. Grown west and east of the lakes. Maine.

Easter Beurre

Large, roundish obovate, obtuse; color yellowish green, with many russet dots, and often with brown russety cheek; stalk short, stout, inserted in quite deep obtuse cavity. Flesh white, fine-grained, buttery, juicy, melting, very good. Grown in the eastern States and on the Pacific coast. Europe.


Medium to large, obovate, surface not regular; stem long, stout, and fleshy at base, set in a moderate knobby cavity; basin ribbed or uneven. Flesh yellowish white, fine-grained, melting, sweet, very good. Season, September. New York.

Eliot (Eliot's Early)

Medium in size, pyriform; bears in clusters of three to six; color yellowish green with red striping. Flesh juicy, vinous, very good. Season, early. A new variety, doing well east of the lakes.

Manning's Elizabeth

Medium, roundish obovate; color pale yellow with red cheek and often flecked with russet and numerous dark spots; stalk one-half to one inch long, inclined, inserted in small round cavity. Flesh white, juicy, fine-grained, buttery, sweet, very good. Productive and popular in the eastern and southeastern States. Belgium.


Medium to large, roundish obtuse pyriform; color light green, well covered with russet in patches, specks, and dots; stalk one and one-quarter to one and one-half inches long, inclined and inserted in shallow slightly plaited cavity; basin deep, abrupt.

Pear: Easter Beurre

Easter Beurre.

Flesh creamy white, juicy, tender, melting, vinous, yet quite granular. Season, autumn. Does well in the lake region. Belgium.

Eugene Appert

Medium roundish oblate, inclining to obtuse pyriform; color greenish yellow, with netted and patched areas of russet, and numerous russet dots; stem variable from short to long, quite slender, inserted in medium smooth cavity; basin small or medium, nearly smooth. Flesh white, juicy, melting, sweet, rich, with some aroma; very good. Season, September. Considerably grown as a dwarf. France.