Good old Doctor Kennicott, well known by a large number of our Western readers, used to say to us that in his practice of medicine he found his calls upon a family reduced in proportion as they came into the daily use of good ripe fruits, from strawberries onward; and it was with this practical knowledge gained from an extensive and daily ride over the Western rich prairie lands that he came in all his after essays, addresses, and writings to continuously and urgently advocate the use of ripe fruits as a daily food. Charles Downing, whose life held upon threads thirty years ago, and whose acquaintance at that time doubted his living from year to year, attributed his years of continued activity and usefulness in a great measure to the free and steady use of ripe fruits. Prof. J. P. Kirtland, in a medical practice of nearly half a century, says the habitual use of well -ripened fruits always assisted toward renovating, as well as continuing, the health of his patients; and from his knowledge thereof he has practiced and preached the extended and improved cultivation and use of all good fruits.

Understand, these men advocate ripe, sound, healthy fruits; not strawberries mashed, jammed, and sour from long keeping; not early apples picked green in Tennessee or Kentucky, and yellowed in the box during transhipment; not peaches picked just as they are colored, and offered for sale with one side as hard as a stone and the other side almost rotten; not grapes which have molded in the package, and been washed off, trimmed, and made ready for sale by the dealer, who cares only for his money, and has no thought how big a fool you may be to buy them. No ; all this kind of fruit does not come into the list whieh sensible men as we have named would use or advise; but it is the ripe, sound, fresh fruit, either direct from the vine or tree, or as near thereto as possible, which contains within itself food corrective and nourishing to the human system. Buy, therefore, and eat only of this. Use fruit freely at each and every meal; eat it before breakfast and with your meals; let the children eat when and as they will, but only of fruit perfectly sound and ripe; a rotten, specked, moldy, or half-decayed fruit is almost poison.

If you buy' or grow and eat really ripe and sound fruit, your health and that of your children will be advanced; but if you eat - no matter whether it cost you money or be given you - unripe or partially decayed fruit, you sow the seeds of disease that may exhibit growth in a night, and may not in months; but sooner or later the poor fruit will tell its tale in your blood and bones, with pains and aches, as the good will in vigor, activity, and general good health.