WHEREAs the American Pomological Society, at its last session, accepted the invitation of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society, to hold its Quarter Centennial Celebration, and Biennial Session, in the city of Boston, in 1873;

Therefore, in conformity with said acceptance, the undersigned gives notice that the Fourteenth Session of this National Association will be held in the Hall of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society, Tremont street, in Boston, commencing Wednesday, September 10,1873, at 10 o'clock a. m., and continue for three days.

All Horticultural, Pomological, Agricultural, and other kindred associations, in the United States and British Provinces, are invited to send delegations, as large as they may deem expedient, and all persons interested in the cultivation of fruits, are invited to be present and take seats in the Convention.

The coming session will be especially interesting, commemorating, as it will, the termination of the first quarter of a century of the existence of the Society, and it is believed, will be one of the most important and useful that the Society has ever held. On this occasion there will be brought together the best cultivators and fruits of our widely extended country, when may be examined and compared, the fruits, not only of the cooler climes of the North, but of the South, the West, and the Pacific Slope. It is therefore very desirable that every state, territory, and province of America should be fully and ably represented in this convention, thereby promoting the advancement of one of the great resources of our national wealth - the extension and perpetuation of the amicable and social relations which have heretofore existed among the members of the Society - and the diffusion throughout the land, of our deliberations, for the benefit of our constantly expanding territory.

* It is therefore hoped that there will be a full attendance of Delegates from all quarters of our country, thereby stimulating more extensive cultivation by the concentrated information and experience of cultivators, and aiding the Society in perfecting its catalogue of fruits. This will be one of the prominent subjects which will come before the Society, and we therefore respectfully urge the various State and Local Committees which have not already responded to the circulars of P. Barry (Chairman of the General Fruit Committee, Rochester, N. Y.), to do so, with such information and lists of fruits as may aid in determining what varieties are best adapted to their several localities.

At this session the Society will appoint the place for its next meeting, and also decide what action it will take on the invitation to participate in the. International Exhibition at the Centennial Celebration of 1876, in Philadelphia, and it is respectfully requested that members come prepared to express their opinions in regard to this subject.

Arrangements will be made with Hotels, and as far as possible with the various railroads, terminating in Boston, for a reduction of fare, and of which notice will be given in a future circular. Similar arrangements can undoubtedly be made by the various delegations, with roads in their localities.

Members and Delegates are requested to contribute specimens of the fruits of their respective districts, and to communicate in regard to them whatever may aid in promoting the objects of the Society and the science of American Pomology. Each contributor is requested to prepare a complete list of his collection, and to present the same with his fruits, that a report of all the varieties entered, may be submitted to the meeting as early as practicable.

The Massachusetts Society for Promoting Agriculture have kindly appropriated five hundred dollars, and liberal sums have been promised by other generous patrons-See premium list.

An increased interest will be given to the occasion by the Grand Exhibition of Plants and Flowers by the Massachusetts Horticultural Society, which will occur at the same time.

Packages of Fruits, with the name of the contributor, may be addressed as follows: "American Pomologieal Society," care of E. W. Buswell, Massachusetts Horticultural Society, Boston.

All persons desirous of becoming members can remit the fee to Thomas P. James, Esq., Treasurer, Cambridge, Mass. Life Membership, twenty dollars; Biennial, four dollars.

Boston, Mass. Marshall P. Wilder, President.