The prime object or purpose of the Pomological Society, is to bring together intelligent and practical fruit men from all parts of the country, and-in council, by a free interchange of experience and observation, to collect and diffuse such researches and discoveries as are being made in the wonderful progress in this branch of national industry. It is true, as has been said, that horticultural journals and horticultural societies may be considered the common schools of the art. But a National Congress of Fruit Growers, like the American Pomological Society, takes still higher ground, and may properly be considered as the University of Horticulture for the whole country.

Fruit growers everywhere, throughout our widely extended country, should heartily respond to the call for this meeting, by contributions of fruit, and by the enrollment of their names as members of the Association. The Society has no other resource for means to cover the publication of its transactions and incidental expenses than what is derived from its membership fees. Persons wishing to become members, and thereby entitle themselves to the next volume of the Society's transactions, will address Thomas P. James, Treasurer, Cambridge, Mass. Twenty dollars constitutes a life membership; four dollars a biennial member. The coming volume will be one of special interest and value to every fruit grower in the land. Among the many valuable papers it will contain, one of great value is expected from Professor Agassis on " The Geological Age of Fruit Bearing Plants."

Packages of fruits, with the name of the contributor, may be addressed as follows: "American Pomological Society' care of . W. Buswell, Massachusetts Horticultural, Society, Boston.

Circulars with programme, premium list, etc., may be obtained by application to Hon. M. P. Wilder, Boston.

The American Pomological Society #1

We desire to call the particular attention of nurserymen and fruit growers to the following circular, issued by President Wilder on the. 1st of April. The meeting, it will be seen, is to be held simultaneously with the annual autumn exhibition of the Massachusetts Society. This strikes us an excellent arrangement, not only because the time (18th to 19th of September,) is a convenient one to a large majority of those who will be likely to attend, but because it will afford them an opportunity, without consuming extra time, to witness the magnificent display which the Massachusetts Society never fails to make on these occasions.

No city in the United States offers so many attractions to persons interested in Pomology and other branches of horticulture, as Boston. There we find every department - fruit culture, floriculture, the construction of dwellings, and the embellishment of gardens, all in the highest and most perfect condition to which they have yet attained on this continent. There we find genuine gardening taste and skill and enthusiasm, such as we cannot find elsewhere. There will be an immense meeting at Boston, both on account of the attractions to which we have alluded, and of the deep and general interest taken in the subject in all parts of the country.

During the two years last past, the number of persons interested and actually engaged in fruit culture in this country must have been more than doubled, we think, and information is greatly needed and no less keenly sought for. We trust that practical, observing men, in all ports of the country, will aid in promoting the objects of the Society, as set forth in this circular. No time is now to be lost in making notes for the season, and collecting such information as committees will be expected to furnish. We shall publish a complete list of the State committees as soon as we can learn their names.

In this connection we must also call attention to some excellent suggestions in the communication of an esteemed correspondent, which will be found on another page. The results of such meetings depend very much upon the manner in which the proceedings are conducted, whether they be satisfactory or not. The men who will attend them ore generally working men, who can but ill afford to be away from home, and as a matter of course they desire not to lose time in profitless remarks or discussions, but that every moment be turned to the best possible account.

American Pomological Society #1

The Fifth Session of this National Association, will be held at Horticultural Hall, in the city of Boston, Massachusetts, commencing on Wednesday, the 18th day of September next, at ten o'clock, A. M.

It is intended to make this assemblage one of the most interesting that has ever been held in this country, on the subject of Pomology. All Horticultural, Agricultural, and other kindred Associations, of North America, are therefore requested to send such number of delegates to this Convention, as they may deem expedient Pomologists, nurserymen, and all others interested in the cultivation of good fruit, are also invited to attend the coming session.