Book Lists

We call the attention of our readers to our new and revised book lists, containing all the new agricultural and architectural books published. We are particular in executing orders to procure the latest editions and best bound copies, and pack them to carry safely to any part of the country. We also supply the books of all the leading publishing houses in this and other cities. Our readers can thus procure at their own post-office all the publications of the day at the same price as by a personal visit to the city.

The Horticulturist >Vol. XXII....................July, 1867....................NO. CCLIIL

Book Oh The Grape

Just as this form was going to press, Mr. Sax-ton, the publisher, laid on our table Mr. Phin's new book on the grape. We have only time to glance at it at present, but that glance impresses us favorably. It has been in the press, we learn, for more than a year past, and has received some four years of labor; it may, therefore, be assumed to be a work of an elaborate character. We shall try to find time to speak of its merits more in detail in our next.

A Booker Without A Rocker

Stopping at a friend's a few evenings since, we were placed in a chair that suited our tired condition exactly. It stands on castors, and can be rolled easily when necessary. It can also be fixed in any reclined position, which adds much to its value as an easy chair. The rocking motion is easy, and in all respects pleasant The style of the chair is elegant, making it an ornament to any drawing room. It was invented by Mr. Wells; and if he will only get up a pattern within the means of our rural friends, he will entitle himself to our thanks.

Books And Pamhplets Received

We have only space at this time to acknowledge the receipt of the following:

Transactions of the New York State Agricultural Society, for 1852.

Transactions of the Northwestern Fruit Growers' Association, for 1853.

Twenty-Third Annual Report of the New Haven Horticultural Society, for 1858, with an address by Rev. W. Clift.

Transactions of the Worcester County Horticultural Society, for the years 1852 and '58, containing the annual reports of committees, with lists of premiums awarded, the officers of the Society for 1853, and a list of its members.

From F. F.G CaRY, Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds, a circular embracing a brief history of Pleasant Hill Academy and Farmers' College, at College Hill, Hamilton county, Ohio, together with a plan and course of study of a department for the promotion of scientific agriculture and Horticulture; also, a catalogue of the officers and students for the college year 1852-'53.

Books And Pamphlets Reoeived

From Wm. Brewster, Esq., Montreal, Biter's Orchard House; or, The Cultivation of Fruit-Trees in Pots Under Glass. Second edition: 1853.

The Provincial Prise List of the Agricultural and Industrial Exhibitions of Canada for 1853.

Books For The Country

Published by C. M. Saxton & Co., 152 Fulton street, New York.

Suitable for school, town and private libraries. Gratia.