Horticultural Society For The Valley Of Lake Champlain

At a convention held at Burlington last month, a Horticultural Society for the valley of Lake Champlain, was organized, and the following officers appointed:

President - Rev. John Wheeler.

Vice Presidents - David Reed, Chittenden county; Rowland T. Bobinson, Addison co.; M. F. Palmer, Franklin co.; Buel Landon, Grand Isle co.: John W. Baily, Clinton co.; C. M. Watson, Essex co.

Sec'y - Dr. Wm. C. Hickok.

Treasurer - Prof. J. Chaney.

Horticultural Society Of College Hill, Ohio

President, Jacob Tuckerman; Vice-Presidents, Rev. H. N. Day, E. G. Ricker; Recording Secret iry, Rev. C. E. Babb; Corresponding Secretary, D. B. Pierson; Fruit Committee, F. G. Cary, E. G. Ricker, J. Hammitt, Rev. J. H. Wilson, J. W. Caldwell; Flower Committee, P. J. Klund, H. N. Day, M. Georgi, M. H. Litz-enburgh, Rev. W. H. Van Doren; Vegetable Committee, Dr. J. W. Brooks, Chas. Parnell, F. Jessup, A. Grant, Eber Strong. The Society is composed of about fifty members.

Horticultural Society Of Pitteburgh

The following gentleman are elected officers of this Society for the euingg year: John Chislett, President; John Murdock, Jr., Vice-President; A. Hersperger, Treasurer; Heury Woods, Secretary; A. Campbell, A. B. Me» Quewan, James Windkop, John Lowen, C. L. Goehriuf, Chas. Lockhurt, T. J. Bingham. James Murdock. James McKnin, W. H. Williams, W. P. Marshall, and & N. Wickersham, Executive Committee.

Horticultural Society Of Pitteburgh 70030Kiotques or Summer Houses.

Kiotques or Summer Houses.

Horticultural Society Of Pitteburgh 70032

Horticultural Society, Janesville, Wisconsin

F. S. Lawrence, Secretary, writes: "Can you help us to procure some of the reports of State, County, or Town Societies, from various localities, for reference and to compare notes by. We have, as yet, nothing to give in exchange; but. having put our hands to the work, we do not intend to have any "let up," until we have placed our society upon a solid and enduring basis, and make it one of the institutions of the North-West."

We commend this society to the notice of our readers; and if any are able to supply the reports mentioned, we shall esteem it a favor if they will forward them to Mr. Lawrence. - [Ed.]

The Horticulturist, And Journal Of Rural Art

Edited By Peter B. Mead.

A new volume of this standard and favorite periodical, begins with January, 1861. Its influence on the progress of Gardening and Rural Taste, is now too strikingly apparent to need a word of comment, and it is the determination of both Editor and Publishers, to make the forthcoming volume superior to any which have preceded it All persons alive to the improvement of their Gardens, Orchards, Or Country Seats, will continue to find the Horticulturist an invaluable assistant. It will present the latest discoveries and improvements, experiments and acquisitions of Horticulture, thus rendering it a special aid and companion to nurserymen and commercial gardeners, and to all scientific and practical cultivators of the soil.