Mead's Seedling

Although some years before the public, this variety has not received much favor, and perhaps in light soil it is deficient; but under high culture it is a good grower, with a quite handsome berry, firm and good for market. The flowers are pistillate, leaf roundish and scoriated, as see our outline; the fruit stems are strong, and some plants we had filled well with fruit, which was of good size, conical rounded, bright scarlet in color, and the seeds prominent.

Meadow Brook; Or, Rosa Lee

Author of "'Lens. Rivers." "Homestead on the Hillside," etc., etc.

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Meconopsis Simplicifolia

The most beautiful and conspicuous of all the Alpine flowers of Sikkim, if not of the whole Himalaya ; common in rocky and gravelly places at 12,000 feet elevation and upwards, where it expands its large delicate deep violet colored blossoms in May, exposed to the violent winds and snow-storms of those inhospitable regions. It would be a most brilliant addition to out-of-door gardens, where it "would no doubt succeed perfectly, provided it be kept damp and cool, and not exposed to too long sunshine".

Medical Value Of Asparagus

A medical correspondent of an English journal says that the advantages of asparagus are not sufficiently estimated by those who suffer with rheumatism and gout Slight cases of rheumatism are cured in a few days by feeding on this delicious esculent, and more chronic cases are much relieved, especially if the patient avoids all acids, whether in food or beverage. The Jerusalem artichoke has also a similar effect in relieving rheumatism. The heads may be eaten in the usual way, but tea made from the leaves of the stalk, and drank three or four times a day, is a certain remedy, though not equally agreeable.

Medium Sized Trees

European Mountain Ash, Catalpa, Umbrella Magnolia, Judas Tree, Scotch Laburnum, Purple-leaved Beech, Japan Ginko, Double-Flowering Cherry, (two varieties,) Osage Orange, Box Wood, and Sour Gum or Peperidge. The two last are natives of our woods.

Meenan's Seeds

Mr. T.Meehan, who advertises his seeds of trees and shrubs, has been very successful in disseminating a large quantity of the esteemed varieties, which heretofore have been difficult to procure.

The Seedling Strawberry, noticed in Emile the Elder's pleasant story, we have cultivated for some years, from the stock of " Aunt Charlotte's" single seed. It is of the Alpine family, and all that Emile says of it we can confirm.

The Meet Popular Market Apples In California Market

Are the Gravenstein and Jonathan. The former of second quality, color bright yellow with distinct red and orange stripes, and very handsome. It is good eating, sweet and of a sprightly acid, and excellent for cooking. The Jonathan is of the first quality, tender, juicy and rich, with a good deal of the Spitsenberg character. It is very fine and attractive apple, from its rich red color, with light yellow ground. - California Horticulturist.

Meister Apple

Specimens of this variety were received from Mr. Charles Kessler, of Reading, Berks County, Pennsylvania. It is believed to have originated in Berks County.

Size, below medium, Sty inches long by 2 broad. Farm, roundish - conical. Skin, greenish-yellow, striped with red, with numerous white spots containing, sometimes, a russet point in the centre, and many russet dots and short concentric curvilinear lines in and around the basin. Stem, from three-eighths to one-half an inch long by one-eleventh thick, inserted in a wide, moderately deep cavity. Calyx, small, closed, set in a narrow, shallow basin. Core, medium. Seed, light brown, obovate, one-third of an inch long, three-sixteenths broad, one-eighth thick. Flesh, tender. Flavor, sprightly and pleasant Quality, "verygood." Maturity, eaten on the 8d of October.