The Great Discovert In Vegetation"

All our readers may not have heard of Mr. Russell Com stock, and the fundamental secret of vegetable growth, which he claims to have discovered. As he is now before the Legislature of the State of New-York, asking for the "paltry sum" of $150,000, we feel bound to lay his statement, (which we copy from a newspaper published in the county on the Hudson where he lives,) before our readers.

Great Exhibition Of Fruits

At the late annual exhibition of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society, at Boston, a " mammoth pavilion," 100 feet wide and 200 feet long, was engaged for the occasion, under which was arranged more than 1,000 running feet of tables. These were occupied with flowers, fruits and vegetables, about two-thirds being filled with fruits. There were more than 3,400 dishes, baskets, etc, many of them containing more than a peck each, amounting in all to more than 100 bushels, about two-thirds of which were pears. The specimens generally were the finest ever exhibited, many being really superb. Several collections were very large. Hovey & Co. exhibited 250 sorts of pears, M. P. Wilder 267, J. S. Cabot 100, B. V. French 150, Samuel Walker 145, Robert Manning 167, Sic. B. V.

French had 178 varieties of apples, and others large collections. The whole formed the finest thing of the kind ever seen in this country.

Great Inducements

The Proprietors of the New York Observer offer the following valuable premiums for new Subscribers. In all cases, the new subscribers must be those who have not in their own or ethers' names taken the paper during the past year.

Great Old Oaks

The Wadsworth oak, at Genesee, N. Y. is to be jive centuries old, and twenty-seven feet in circumference at the base, The massive, slow-growing live oaks at Florida, are worthy of notice on ac-cpunt of the enormous length of their branches. Bartram says: "I have stepped fifty paces in in a straight line from the trunk of one of these trees to the extremity of the limbs." The oaks of Europe are among the grandest of trees. The Cowthorpe tree is seventy-eight feet in circuit at the ground, and is at least 1,800 years old. Another, in Dorsetshire, is of equal age. In Westphalia is a hollow oak which was a place of refuge in the troubled times of mediaeval history. The great oak at Saintea, in Southern France, is ninety feet in girth, and has been ascertained to be 2,000 years old. This monument, still or recently flourishing, commemorates a period which antedates the first campaign of Julius Caesar.- Science Monthly,

A Great Potato Country

Mr. Collins, of Red River county, Texas, challenges the State to beat his Irish Potato, which measures 15 3/4 inches in circumference one way, and 13 1/2 the other.

Great Results

The Report of the California State Agricultural Society contains the following statement: " We visited the garden of the Rev. Mr. Kroh. His lot of fifty by one hundred feet, contains two hundred and forty-five grape-vines of different ages, sixty-nine of which are in full bearing. He has twenty-seven apple-trees, eleven plum-trees, seventy-nine peach-trees, seventy-three nectarines, four pear-trees, thirty-seven apricots; also cherries, quinces,etc. Whole number of trees and vines, one thousand one hundred and twenty-one, besides considerable shrubbery and vegetables." That is the man to preach to the people.