Tulips For In-Door Culture

The Gardener's Magazine says : "When grown in pots, tulips are treated precisely in the same manner as the hyacinth, but several bulbs are placed in a pot. When required to fill epergnes and baskets, and other elegant receptacles, it is a good plan to grow them in shallow boxes, as recommended for crocuses, and transfer them when in flower to the vases or baskets. In common with hyacinths and crocuses, they may be taken out of the soil in which they have been grown, and the roots washed clean, and inserted in glasses for decorating the apartment. For general usefulness, the early tulips are the most valuable of all, because of their many and brilliant colors.

The Tully Grape

The reader may remember our notice and commendation of a small, very sweet grape received from Mr. Sackstader, of Louisville. A name being wanted for it, we have, after due inquiry as to its origin and history, determined to call it the Tully Grape, by which name it may hereafter be known.


"Fine and quite hardy top-worked." In my grounds, root-grafted, this kind can only be considered half hardy, and is variable in quality.

Turfing New Grounds

When turf is to be laid, the ground should be permitted to lay and settle during one or two good rains before the turf is put on, otherwise it will settle unevenly and the turf be full of holes. After the ground has become well settled, rake it over anew, and level again; then roll, and again rake as you lay the turf. Laying the turf irregularly, or rather with intervening spaces of one to two inches wide, and filling with soil, then seeding with grass seed, and rolling all down together, is now practiced pretty generally, and with great success in its results. No beating is given to the sod - the roller doing all the pressure needed to form a good surface.

Twelve Fuchsias

The dosen takes them all; the balance are Worthless where the following can be had: -

Ariel, Clio, King, Prince Arthur, light colors, with purple or red corollas.

Alpha, Glory, Hendersonii, Omega, Perfection, President, Prince Albert, scarlet colors, with crimson, purple, or blue corollas.

Query Victoria, red, with white centre or corolla.

Twelve Varieties Of Pears

Bloodgood, Dearborn's Seedling, Rostiezer, Tyson, Stevens' Genesee, Beurre d'Anjou, Urbaniste, Vicar of Winkfield, Beurre d'Aremberg, Easter Beurre, Columbia, Inwrence.

I would feel obliged if you or some one of your numerous subscribers would furnish me with the particulars of the Victoria regia, Victoria Fiteroyiana, and a few more aquatics - the size and depth of tank, the mode of heating the same, and how often the water requires changing. I would at the same time wish to know how high I must make my house. Could I grow a few Palms and air plants in the same house ? If so, a list and description of a few suitable for the same, and where I can procure them, price, etc AI Flowers. - Alton, Ill.

Twenty-Fourth Annual Report Or The New Haven Horticultural Society For The Year 1854

We are happy to see, by the report, that this society is in a prosperous condition. The tax-paying members for 1854 numbered over 300. Weekly meetings have been held during the season; and a balance remains in the treasury after defraying all expenses.