A Twenty-Years' President

At a recent annual exhibition of the Norfolk County (Mass.) Agricultural and Horticultural Society, Hon. Marshall P. Wilder tendered his resignation, he having held the office of President twenty years.

Two Literary Salad-Bowls

"Salad for the solitary" - Lettuce alone!

"Salad for the social" - Lettuce be merry! - Punch.

Two New Apples

Among the many apples sent me this past season, the following certainly "promise well," and I therefore send drawings and descriptions to be put on record, and to draw the attention of tree planters, that they may obtain and test them in other than their native localities. I am indebted to Mr. George Husmann, well known among fruit men as an energetic, enthusiastic, but careful observer and propagator, for the sample specimens from which my drawings and descriptions were made.

Two New Fruits

During a recent visit to Hermann, Mo., I saw and examined at Mr. Geo. Husmann's a seedling peach and also an apple, both of which he had presented to the Committee on Seedling Fruits appointed by the American Pomological Society, at their late meeting in St. Louis. The apparent value of these fruits is such that I have made drawings and descriptions of them as herewith.

Amelia Peach.

Fig. 188. - Amelia Peach.

Two New Grapes

And still they come. At the present rate, the variety and number of grapes will soon outrun that of pears. I have before said that I wished some course could be adopted to check this influx of varieties; but as some persons have made money from the production of new grapes, I suppose we must submit to have our pockets lightened of three to five dollars for highly-praised sorts, until their raising proves a question of doubtful pecuniary profit to the dealer.

Two New Roses

The two new Roses which Mr. Pentland is about to bring out, are Dr. Kane, a lovely yellow and very fragrant; and George Peabody, which treads very hard upon Geant dee Batailles; it is a free grower, of lively color, and so far, free from mildew. We shall report further.

Two Prairie

1. Queen of Prairies,

2. Baltimore Belle.

Two Varieties For A Rose Hedge

1. Herbemont Cluster, bears a profusion of white clusters, and blooms till December. 2. Appoline, a most lovely fall rose, growing in good ground from ten to fifteen feet, and glorious from September to November. It blooms profusely during the summer, but as the fall advances its color is of the most vivid pink.


A chance seedling found in a hedge on the farm of Mr. Tyson, near Philadelphia. The fruit is of medium size, and of good quality. It is very productive, and bears large crops yearly. A standard tree of ours bears about twelve bushels annually, which sold this year for $1 per bushel.

Uncommon Growth

There is hanging in our office, the forked bough of an apple tree, each part of which measures only 22 inches in length, on which there are one hundred and forty seven apples I thicker upon the wood than human ingenuity could possibly affix. They are of an average diameter of two and a half inches, and the weight of the branch is 13 lbs. It was cut from a tree on the premises of Mr. John Haley in the western part of the city, and is called the " Anti-Know-Nothing Apple," from its great yield. - New Haven Register varieties.