Allspice Flower, or Sweet-scented Shrub. This is a well-known plant, yet it is not seen nearly as often as it should be. This species is the best, as it is very fragrant, and not as strong a grower as some of the others.

Ribes Gordonii

Ribes Gordonii, a beautiful hybrid variety of the Missouri Currant, having large racemes of fragrant red and yellow flowers. It blooms very early in the spring.

Deutzia Gracilis

Deutzia Gracilis is a dwarf-growing species introduced a few years ago from Japan and much grown as a green-house plant, although it is perfectly hardy. It produces a profusion of pure white flowers, and grows about two feet high.

D. Scabra

D. Scabra is a stronger-growing species, growing four or five feet high, and bearing a profusion of pure white flowers.

D. Crenata

D. Crenata, fl. pl., is one of the finest shrubs in cultivation. The flowers are double, white on the inside, and red on the outside. It is a most profuse bloomer, and requires plenty of room, as it is a strong-grower - when well established attaining a height of over six feet.

Forsythia Viridissima

Forsythia Viridissima, a well-known shrub, whose bright, deep golden-yellow flowers . appear with the first unfolding of its leaves. Of all the early-blooming shrubs it is the finest and most desirable. Two other species have been recently introduced, but neither of them is equal to this species.

Exochordia Grandiflora

Exochordia Grandiflora, a most beautiful shrub, growing about six feet high, blooming in May. The flowers, which individually are about an inch in diameter, are white with a green centre, and are produced in long, loose panicles. Unfortunately this elegant shrub is very difficult to propagate, and is therefore not readily to be had except of our principal nurserymen. It should be found in every garden.

Hydrangea Quercifolia

Hydrangea Quercifolia, the Oak-leaved Hydrangea, has strongly-marked handsome foliage, and produces large panicles of white flowers during the month of July. It makes a handsome specimen plant for a lawn.

Hydrangea Deutziafolia, Or H. Paniculata Grandiflora

Hydrangea Deutziafolia, Or H. Paniculata Grandiflora, is a species of recent introduction from Japan, with leaves resembling those of some species of Deutzias, and during August bearing immense panicles of pure white flowers, which afterwards change to pink, and finally to a purplish-brown color. It is one of the most valuable additions to our list of shrubs that has been made for many years.

Syringa Persica, Or Persian Lilac

Syringa Persica, Or Persian Lilac, is of a more delicate, twiggy growth than the com-mon lilac, and produces larger heads of flowers of irregular shape, and is more suitable for small gardens. There is also a white variety that is very desirable, and is of still dwarfer habit. Both should be in every garden.

Magnolia Purpurea, Or Chinese Purple Magnolia

Magnolia Purpurea, Or Chinese Purple Magnolia, is an elegant shrub with bright glossy foliage and large, purple, tulip-shaped flowers. It is the better for being strawed up during the winter north of New York city, until it has attained some age, and the wood has become hard.

Prunus Sinensus

Prunus Sinensus, fl. pl., or Double-flowering Chinese Plum, resembles the Double-flowering Almond somewhat, but is of stronger growth. It is a lovely, ever-blooming shrub with a profusion of snow-white flowers.

Cydonia Japonica, Or Scarlet-Flowered Japan Quince

Cydonia Japonica, Or Scarlet-Flowered Japan Quince, is a well-known early-blooming shrub, producing a profusion of deep scarlet flowers. It is indispensable in every collection.

Spiraea Prunifolia

Spiraea Prunifolia, fl. pl., S. reevesii, fl. pl., and S. callosa, should be in every shrubbery. The first two have pure white flowers, and the third, bright pink flowers in large flat corymbs. The first also makes a beautiful screen hedge, being of upright growth and throwing up its shoots thickly from the bottom, and bears clipping well.

Philadelphu8 Inodorous

Philadelphu8 Inodorous, a species of what is generally known as the Syringa, or Mock-orange. This species is of more delicate growth than any of the others, and bears its large pure white flowers in threes and fours along the somewhat slender drooping branches, giving them the appearance of garlands.

Viburnum Plicatum

Viburnum Plicatum is a species of Guelder-rose, or Snow-ball, introduced some years ago from Japan; it is a robust growing shrub, with strongly-marked foliage, somewhat horizontally; these produce at each bud a globular head of pure white flowers, which are so thickly set upon the plant as almost to hide the foliage. It is a very beautiful shrub.

Weigela Rosea

Weigela Rosea is a well-established favorite, but not seen as often as it should be, for nothing can exceed its lovely apple blossom-colored flowers intermixed with its lively green foliage. There is a variegated-leaved variety which has lighter-colored flowers; it is one of the best variegated-leaved shrubs we have, retaining its variegation through the heat of summer, and at the same time being free from that sickly appearance which many such plants have. Another variety has lately been introduced under the name of W. nivea, which produces pure white flowers; it is very beautiful and useful in bouquets. It must not be confounded with another variety known as W. alba, the blossoms of which, as they become old, change to pale rose-color.

Stuartia Virginica

Stuartia Virginica and S. pentagynia are highly ornamental shrubs, but somewhat scarce in the nurseries. They grow from five to six or more feet high, blooming from July to September. The first has pure white flowers, with bright purple stamens; the other has cream-colored flowers. The flowers are very large, from two and a half to three inches in diameter, and very much resembling those of the single White Camellia.

The above collection of twenty-five deciduous flowering shrubs comprise the creme de la creme of the catalogues of our leading nurserymen, and we feel assured that such of our readers as may obtain them will be well satisfied with them. - Harpers' Bazaar.