The Gardener's Monthly for December is at hand, as sprightly and as fresh as ever. We wish Mr. Meehan all the success he deserves.

The Michigan Farmer, (weekly,) edited by R. F. Johnstone, and published at Detroit, comes to us this week enlarged to a folio. We take this as an evidence of increased success which it well deserves. It is brimful of just such matter as the farmer and horticulturist most need, with a nice corner for the ladies.

The Homestead greets us weekly with its fund of useful and entertaining matter. It is an old friend, and is conducted with spirit and ability.

The California Cullurist for October is on our table. It contains much useful and readable matter, and gives us a pleasing picture of the enthusiasm of our California confreres. A large part of the present number is well taken up with the proceedings of the California Horticultural Society and Fruit Convention. Go ahead, gentlemen.

Descriptive List of Dutch Bulbs and other Flower Roots, with full directions for culture. B. K. Bliss, Springfield, Mass. Full and complete.

Catalogues, Etc, Received #1

Descriptive Catalogue of Fruit and Ornamental Trees' Grape-Vines, Shrubs, Roses, etc, cultivated and for sale at the Suscol Nurseries, situated on the Napa River, at the Suscol Ferry, Napa Co., California. S. Thompson, proprietor. - We can say a good word for the contents of this catalogue, but the printer is a barbarian.

Descriptive Catalogue of Flower Seeds, with Practical Directions for their Culture and Treatment, for sale at Bridgeman's Horticultural Establishment, Nos. 876 and 878 Broadway, New York. Nursery and Greenhouses, Astoria, N. Y. Alfred Bridgeman, Principal of the Seed Department. Andrew Bridgeman, Principal of the Nursery and Greenhouse Department. - In its arrangement, completeness, and freedom from errors, this is one of the best catalogues we have yet seen. It embraces everything worth having, including many choice things of recent introduction. It is beautifully printed.

Descriptive Catalogue of Foreign and Native Grape-Vines, for Gardens, Graperies, and Vineyards, with Remarks on their Culture. Wm. R. Prince & Co., Flushing, L. I. Forty-fourth Edition. - Mr. Prince is certainly an industrious collector of vines; we have here the names of upward of three hundred varieties of native grapes, not including the Delaware, which he has perversely placed in his foreign list. So be it; but where will it go next?

J. M. Thorburn & Co.'s Descriptive Catalogue of Vegetable and Agricultural Seeds, etc. Garden, Field, Fruit, etc, Seeds. The largest collection to be found in the world, embracing every standard and improved variety. Also, tested novelties, both of Domestic and Foreign origin, that are suited to the climate of the United States. - A very ample, complete, and well arranged catalogue, with brief directions for culture.

Catalogue of Selected Roses, and other hardy Plants, including both new and old varieties, cultivated and for sale by James Pentland, at Green Mount Garden, on York Road and Oliver street (opposite entrance to Green Mount Cemetery), Baltimore. - A choice collection, neatly printed on clean white paper.

Descriptive Catalogue of Garden Seeds. Also a List of Flower Seeds, Implements, Books, & c H. A. Dreer, 327 Chestnut street, Philadelphia. - A choice collection.

Evergreen Nursery, Woodbury, N. J. David J. Griscom, proprietor. Descriptive Catalogue of Foreign and Native Evergreen and Deciduous Trees, Fruits, Vines, etc - Well got up.

Texas Edition of Affleck's Southern Rural Almanac, and Plantation and Garden Calendar, for 1860. By Thomas Affleck, Central Nurseries, near Brenham, Washington Co., Texas: South. ern Nurseries, Washington, Adams Co., Miss. - A useful publication for our Southern friends.