Descriptive Catalogue of Fruit and Ornamental 'trees, Flowering Shrubs, Greenhouse Plants, Roses, &c; also, Vines, Garden Fruits, etc, cultivated at the East New London Nurseries, New London, Conn. Wm. H. Starr, Proprietor, H. E. Chitty, Manager. - A very good collection.

Sixth Annual-Catalogue of choice Verbenas, cultivated and sold by Dexter Snow, Chicopee, Mass. - Mr. Snow makes the Verbena a specialty. His collection is very large, embracing ever? thing worth growing.

Catalogue of Vegetable Seeds, etc, sold at Bridgetnan's Horticultural Establishment, Nos. 876 and 878 Broadway, New York. Nursery and Greenhouses at Astoria. - Choice and reliable.

Descriptive Catalogue tof Fruits cultivated and for sale at the Mount Hope Nurseries, Rochester, N. Y. Ellwanger & Barry, Proprietors. - Full of choice things, and well printed. The descriptions, and the arrangement generally, are admirable.

Descriptive Catalogue of Fruit and Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, etc, cultivated and for sale at the Coshocton Nursery, by T. S. & W. Humrickhouse, Coshocton, Ohio. - Select Descriptive Catalogue of Fruit and Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, Plants, Vines, etc, cultivated and for sale at the Cumberland Nurseries, Middlesex Station, on the Cumberland Valley Railroad, near Carlisle, Penn. - Very good, and well illustrated.

Descriptive Catalogue of Select Fruit-Trees, Ornamental Trees and Shrubs, cultivated and for sale at the Nurseries of Thomas & Herendeen, Macedon, Wayne Co., and Union Springs, Cayuga Co., N. Y. - A very good and neat Catalogue, nicely illustrated. We "go in" for neatness, even in Catalogues.

Descriptive Catalogue of Fruit and Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, and Plants, grown at the Island Nurseries, Egypt, Monroe Co., N. Y. Ramsdell & Loud, Proprietors. - A good one.

Descriptive Catalogue of Fruit and Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, Plants, and Vines, cultivated and for sale at the Brooklyn Nursery, Yates Avenue, near Myrtle, Brooklyn, L. I. By Andrew S. Fuller, (late Fuller & Bartlett,) Agent for the sale of Dr. C. W. Grant's Iona Grape-vines. - Very select, with useful suggestions and illustrations.

Hooker's List of Strawberries, besides the best approved kinds, contains the Hooker's Seedling, which, with us, has been a good bearer, and is of delicious flavor.

Circular of James Pentland, Greenmonnt Garden, Baltimore. Roses Dr. Kane and George Peabody. - We have not seen these Roses, but our predecessor, Mr. Smith, has spoken well of them in a preceding number of the magazine.

Annual Catalogue of Southern and Acclimated Fruit-Trees, Evergreens, Roses, Grape-vines, rare Trees, Shrubs, etc., cultivated and for sale at the Pomaria Nurseries. William Summer, Pomaria, S. C. Columbia Agents, Dr. C. H. Miot and R. M. Stokes. Charleston Agents, Messrs. Ingraham & Webb. - A choice collection, adapted to the climate and wants of the South.

Descriptive Catalogue of Flower Seeds, with practical Directions for their Culture and Treatment. J. M. Thorburn & Co., 15 John street, New York. - Very full and complete, embracing all the new things out.

Wholesale Price List of Hardy Evergreen Trees, etc., collected from the open Pastures, by John W. Adams, Portland, Maine. Mr. Adams also keeps nursery-grown trees for sale.

Circular of Wethersfield Seed-Sower. We have never seen this machine, but it is highly commended by the Homestead and other reliable authorities.

Transactions of the Ohio Pomological Society, Ninth Session, held at Columbus, December 7th to 9tb, 1659; and Meetings of the Ad Interim Committee at Cleveland, June 30th, 1858, and Zanesville, September 16th, 1859; with Memoirs of the Pioneer Fruit-Growers of the Ohio Valley. - A manual of very interesting facts for the Pomologist, which we shall speak of more fully hereafter. We are glad to see an effort made to rescue from oblivion the names of the pioneer fruit-growers of the West.