Bridgeman's Descriptive List of French Hybrid Gladiolus, and other Summer and Autumn Blooming Bulbs, supplementary to Catalogue No. 6. 878 Broadway, New York. - A very full list of these increasingly popular bulbs, embracing all the best kinds, with reliable descriptions of their characters.

Descriptive Catalogue of Fruit and Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, Roses, and Plants, cultivated and for sale at the Hermann Nursery, Hermann, Mo. Husmann & Manwaring, Proprietors. - A good, compact catalogue.

A Catalogue of Choice and Selected Flower Seeds, sold by E. G. Henderson & Son, Nurserymen, Seedsmen, and Florists to her Majesty the Queen. Also, a selected List of Agricultural and Vegetable Seeds, including all the leading and most approved varieties in cultivation. Wellington Road, St. John's Wood, London, N. W. - A compact, well arranged, and neatly printed Catalogue of 113 pages, embracing about everything worth having in the wsy of seed, both old and new.

Annual Circular of the Mount Vernon Iron Works. C. & J. Cooper, Proprietors, Mount Vernon, Ohio. - A catalogue of Saw-Mills, Sugar-Mills, Portable Engines, etc.

Descriptive Catalogue of Fruit and Ornamental Trees, Flowering Shrubs, Roses, Vines, and Creepers, Bedding-out Plants, etc, cultivated and for sale by F. Trowbridge & Co., proprietors, 103 Grand street, New Haven, Conn. - The contents of this catalogue are very choice.

John W. Adams's Catalogue of Flower-seeds, with brief Descriptions. Nursery and Greenhouses in Westbrook, on Forest Avenue, near Evergreen Cemetery and the Railroad station, two miles from Portland. Post-office address, Portland, Maine. - Contains all the leading old varieties, and many of the new ones.

Sanford's Circular for 1860. Agency for California Nurserymen, for the purchase of Goods and sale of Produce. Jason L. Sanford, San Francisco, Cal.

Descriptive Catalogue of the Rochester Commercial Nurseries, (established 1630.) H. E. Hooker & Co. - A very nicely printed Catalogue, embracing all the best varieties of Fruits, Ornamental Trees and Shrubs, Roses, etc.

Catalogue of Select Bedding Plants, Roses, Summer and Autumn Blooming Bulbs, and Herbaceous Plants, for sale at Bridgeman's Horticultural Establishment, Nob. 876 and 878 Broadway, New York. Nursery and Greenhouses, Astoria, L. I. - Contains a very good assortment of Dahlias, Verbenas, Petunias, Fuchsias, Scarlet Geraniums, Ac. The collection of Her. baceous Plants is particularly choice and full.

Descriptive Catalogue of Fruit-Trees, Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, and Greenhouse Plants, cultivated and for sale by Hubbard and Davis, Detroit, Michigan. - Compact and good.

New List of Colored Plates of Fruits, Flowers, etc, (over 50 new plates added,) published and sold by D. M. Dewey, Agent, Rochester, N. Y. - We have never seen these plates, and can not speak of their merits.

List of valuable Ornamental Plants, cultivated by Negley & Co., Horticulturists, Pittsburgh, Pa. - Comprises a very choice assortment of Bedding Plants, including the best new kinds. Also, Phloxes, Fuchsias, Dahlias, etc, in good variety.

New Descriptive Catalogue of Fruit, Ornamental Trees, "Vines, etc., cultivated and for sale by Cary, Peter, & Cary, at the Beargrass Nurseries, seven miles south-east of Louisville, near the Bardstown Turnpike, Kentucky. - Select, and neatly printed.

Descriptive Catalogue of Fruit and Ornamental Trees and Shrubs, Grape-Vines, Evergreens, Roses, Dahlias, Verbenas, and other Bedding Plants, etc., for sale at the Columbus Nursery, by M. B. Bateman & Co., Columbui, Ohio. - Avery fine and fnll collection of Trees, Shrubs, etc.

Swift's Improved Lawn Mowing Machine. H. N. Swift, Wiccapee Machine Works, Fish-kill Landing, Dutchess Co., N. T. - We have had several inquiries about Lawn Mowers. This is recommended by Mr. Sargent and others, and is said to be the best in use. The prices vary from $ 38 to $125.

Hansemond Sweet Potato Plants, for sale by C. B. Murray, Foster's Crossings, Warren County, Ohio. - This is among the best of Sweet Potatoes for northern planting, and has given much satisfaction.

Constitution and By-Laws of the Hamilton, C. W., Horticultural Society, established A. D. 1850, incorporated A. D. 1858, with the Tenth Annual Report, and the Prize Lists for 1860.- We judge from this that our Canadian brethren are progressing finely. We wish them every success.

Introductory Lecture to the Class of the Female Medical College of Pennsylvania, delivered at the Opening of the Tenth Annual Session, Oct. 19, 1859, by Ann Preston, M. D., Professor of Physiology and Hygiene. Published by the Lady Managers. - Woman has no equal in the sick-room, and there is a peculiar propriety in fitting her more fully, by education, for its duties, and in making her, in the true sense of the word, a physician.

Catalogues, Etc, Received #1

Pomona Garden and Nursery Catalogue of Fruit and Ornamental Trees, Vines, and Plants, cultivated and for sale by William Parry, Cinnaminsou, Burlington Co., N. J. - A good collection of plants, but the printer certainly was no pomologist.