Select the best shaped and most distinct colored flowers for seed. These beautiful plants are indispensable for spring flowers. To get good seed, choose one or two strong trusses and cut out all the others; set the plants in a light, airy situation, and water occasionally with weak guano water.

Cinnerarias #1

Mr. Daniel Barker sends us a noble collection of blooms of new Cinnerarias, equalling any ever produced abroad.

Affleck's Southern Nurseries, Washington, Adams county, Miss., and Central Nurseries, near Brenham, Washington county, Texas. Good and at reasonable prices.

List of valuable ornamental plants cultivated by Negley & Co., Pittsburgh, Pa. A vast amount and variety of valuable novelties and old favorites.

Catalogue of Plants, etc., for sale by Edgar Sanders, Lake View, Chicago, Ill A good list from a good cultivator.

The Statistics of American Agriculture. An Address before the American Geographical and Statistical Society. By John Jay, Esq. New York: D. Appleton & Co. We shall have something to say of this soon.

Illustrated Catalogue of Ornamental Iron Work, manufactured by Janes, Beebe & Co., 356 Broadway, New York. Highly creditable to the manufacturers.

Circulars of Langdon & Cherry, with lists and prices, Nashville, Tenn.

The Rural Annual and Horticultural Directory. By Joseph Harris, Genesee Farmer. A very useful manual that we should be glad was on the table of every farmer, etc, in the Union and Canada.

General Descriptive Catalogue of Fruit and Ornamental Trees, etc, etc, for sale at the Bloomington Nurseries. By F. K. Phoenix. This is one of the most suggestive catalogues extant. Hear how Mr. Phoenix chimes in with the topic discussed elsewhere in our pages: "God bless Young America, and save him from his friends! Tell me, why should not our young men and women understand well about ordinary fruits, flowers, vegetables, and their cultivation; what were sooner looked for from our abundance of land, agricultural produce and boasted refinement? Does not America rather seem like a vast encampment, ready to be broken up in the morning? Where are our gardens and gardeners, our schools and school-books for agriculture and gardening? Behold the inevitable yet needless failures in that simplest of operations, tree-planting," and so forth.

The Proceedings of the Seventh Session of the American Pomological Society, Sept., 1858, have appeared in a very neat pamphlet, and may now be consulted with advantage. The lists of fruits recommended, those that promise well, and those rejected, are a matter of interest to readers generally. The American Pomological Society is the best one of its kind, and we hope will be encouraged to carry out the views of its designers.

Wholesale catalogue for spring of 1859. Du Page County Nurseries, Naperville, Illinois, Lewis Ellsworth & Co., proprietors. Excellent.

Wholesale catalogue of the Great Valley Nurseries, near the Great Valley Depot, on the N. Y. and Erie E.B., by S. T. Kelsey & Co.

"The House:" A Pocket Manual of Rural Architecture. New York: Fowler & Wells.