At the Annual Meeting of the State Agricultural Society in 1851, the subject of Comstoox's alleged discovery was brought before the Society, and the following Committee was appointed to confer with Mr. CoMstock as to what action it would be proper to take in the premises: Joel B. Nott, A J. DowNING, Lewis P. Alley, E. P. Prentice, and Hon. Anthony Van Bergen.

Mr. L. F. Allen, in the absence of the Chairman of the Committee, to whom was referred the claimed discoveries of Russell Comstock, of Dutchess Co., on vegetation, reported, alter a con* ferenoe with Mr. C, that the Committee came to the unanimous opinion, that no new discovery had been made by Mr. ComStocK, nor was his practice different from that of experienced nurserymen heretofore, and which may be found described in public works - and although important in themselves, the Committee do not deem it proper for the Society to recommend to the Legislature any appropriation to Mr. Comstock as the discoverer.

This Report was adopted by the Society. B P. JoHNsoN, Cor. See'y.

Since this Report Prof. Comstock has not been heard of much in this section of country. "No loss. - Ed.