The Symptoms of Inflammation Of The Womb or Metritis

GENERAL: Similar to those of chronic catarrh of the womb, but much more intense; the patient has many feelings similar to those of early pregnancy.

LOCAL. Pain in the lower part of the back, extending \around the body; weight or dragging-down feeling in the bowels; pain just above the pubic bones, with tenderness on pressure; frequently, various symptoms relating to the bladder.

This disease, like the preceding one, has long been mistaken for an inflammation, which its name really implies, but which does not in reality exist. The condition commonly known as chronic inflammation of the uterus is really congestion of the organ. In consequence of disturbance of the circulation in the womb it becomes engorged with blood and speedily becomes enlarged, sometimes reaching a size three or four times as large as in health. In consequence of the enlargement and increased weight, the organ settles down in the pelvis and thus prolapsus or falling of the womb is produced. Sometimes its increased weight tips it over forward, producing another form of displacement, known as anteversion. In other cases it tips backward against the rectum, producing retroversion; by degrees the anteversion or retroversion may become converted into an anteflexion or retroflexion, conditions in which the organ is bent upon itself. In some cases it is tipped to one side, conditions known as lateroversion or flexion. The various symptoms arising from these several displacements are given in connection with their consideration elsewhere.

The Causes of Inflammation Of The Womb or Metritis

The causes of inflammation of the womb are the same as those which have been mentioned. In cases of uterine catarrh, the whole organ finally becomes affected, as well as its mucous lining, by the long continuance of the causes referred too. Among the most active causes are sexual excess in married women, secret vice in the unmarried, the employment of various means to prevent conception, and improper dress. Very frequently, enlargement or congestion of the womb is the result of getting up too soon after confinement, in consequence of which the organ fails to return to its natural size, remaining more or less enlarged. Miscarriages and abortions are particularly liable to be followed by this condition, which is known as subinvolution. The wearing of badly fitting supporters should be mentioned as a not infrequent cause of chronic congestion of the womb.