2. Mr. Spooner says salts in 1/2-Clater 113 doses, with a little ginger, are generally sufficient.

3. Chloride of sodium 1/2 oz., carbonate of soda 1/2 oz., turmeric 2 oz., Glauber's salts 6 oz., powdered gentian and chamomile 2 drs., gruel q. s.

4. Castile soap 1/2 oz., Venice turpentine 1/2 oz., ginger 3 drs., gentian 1 oz.; rub the soap and turpentine in a mortar, and gradually add a pint of water, and afterwards the ginger and gentian. - White.

5. Castile soap 1 oz., salt 1 oz., Venice turpentine 1 oz., yolks of two eggs; mix together, and gradually add a strong decoction of barberry-bark.

6. Powdered cummin seed, aniseed, and turmeric, each 2 oz., grains of paradise and salt of tartar, each 1 oz., mix. Slice 1 oz. of Castile soap, to mix with 2 oz. of treacle. Pour a quart of boiling ale upon all the ingredients, and administer when lukewarm. To be repeated two or three times a day.