1. De Handel's. Opium 12 grs., camphor 24 grs., ca-jeput oil 4 drops, tincture of cantharides 4 drops, extract of henbane and of belladonna, of each 24 grs., distilled water of opium q. s.

2. Vogler's. Powdered opium 1 oz., mastic 2 drs., sandarach 2 drs., dragon's blood 1/2 dr., oil of rosemary 8 drops, spirit to form a paste; to be applied near the affected tooth.

3. Powdered alum 1 dr., powdered mastic 1/2 dr., spirit of nitric ether q. s. to form a paste.

4. Rust's. Opium 5 grs., oil of cloves 3 drops, extract of henbane 5 grs., extract of belladonnna 10 grs., powdered pellitory sufficient to form a paste.