Sol-a-na'se-e. L. Solan-um + aceae, fr. sol, the sun - i. e., plants dislike sunlight, grow best in the shade, hence nightshade; or solor, to comfort - i. e., the plants, soothing, narcotic effect; or sulanum, sus, hog - i. e., plants act as cure for swine disease. Herbs, rarely shrubs, trees. Distinguished by having colorless juice, mydriatic alkaloids, alternate leaves; flowers regular, 5's, isomerous, plicate border; ovary superior, 2-celled, ovules many, embryo straight or coiled in fleshy albumin; fruit, capsule or berry, some edible. Differs from Convol-vulaceae by not twining and in having many seeds; universal, tropics; narcotic, stimulant, bitter, tonic, poisonous.

Genera: 1. Capsicum. 2. Atropa. 3. Hyoscyamus. 4. Datura.