Burns and Scalds.

in very extensive burns or scalds. It relieves pain, although it may not save life

Whiting and Water, 1. Mixed to the thickness of cream and smeared over, excluding the air, gives instant relief

Zinc Ointment and Vaseline. In equal parts for dressing


Blisters. Most useful

Carbolic Acid, 4. As injection

Fomentations. To relieve pain

Iodine. When chronic, Lin. Iodi may be used as a blister, or the liquor, after blistering or aspiration

Cachexiae .

Air. Fresh

Aliment. Nutritious

Ammonium Carbonate. With bark; after acute illness

Arnica. Internally, in bad cases

Arsenic, 1, 2. In malarial, also in cancerous, cachexia; in chronic malaria, combined with iron

Baths. Turkish bath useful

Chalybeate Waters, 2

Cholagogues. Most useful before, or along with, other remedies. and especially in malarial cachexia before the administration of quinine

Electricity, 1

Eucalyptus, 2. In general cachectic conditions

Euonymin. As cholagogue

Ferri Succinas, 1, 2. In malarial cachexia; iron generally in al 1 anaemic conditions

Glycerine, 4. As a food

Grape Cure

Hydrastis. In malaria

Manganese, 2. Along with iron and as syrup of double iodide

Massage, 2. Exceedingly useful

Mercury. In syphilitic cases; see Cholagogues

Nitric Acid. In debility after acute disease; in combination with the fresh decoction of bark

Oil and Fats, 2. Cod-liver oil very useful. Cream as an addition to food; oil as inunction

Phosphates. In cachexiae attended with much discharge

Phosphate of Calcium, 1. In scrofulous phthisis and malnutrition

Podophyllin. As cholagogue; in children of a few months old improperly fed; in alcoholic excess; chronic morning diarrhoea

Potassium Iodide. In syphilitic and resulting conditions

Purgatives, Saline. As adjuncts to cholagogues

Quinine, 2. In various forms of cachexia

Sarsaparilla. In syphilis

Calculi, Biltary.

Aliment, 2. Absence of starch and fat recommended

Anesthetics, 4. During the passage of the calculus

Belladonna, 4. Belief during spasm

Carlsbad Waters, 1. Prophylactic

Chloral Hydrate, 1. To relieve pain during paroxysm; good in combination with morphine

Chloroform. Inhalation from tumbler, most useful to relieve paroxysm

Counter-Irritation, 3. To relieve pain during passage

Calculi, Biliary.

Creasote, I. Where the mischief arises from the intestinal canal Emetics, 4. Of doubtful value in aiding the expulsion of the calculus Ferri Succinas, 1. As a solvent for existing stones, and prophylactic Ferri Perchlor. Tinctura, 1, Like Creasote, as an astringent. Useful if renal changes complicate Iridin, 1. In doses of gr. j. for its cholagogue properties Mercury, 1. The green iodide, with manna and soap as a pill Morphine. 1/5 gr. (repeated if necessary) with

1/120 gr. atropine, subcutaneously, to relieve pain and vomiting in paroxysm Nitric Acid, 1. Hepatic stimulant and alterative Nitro-Hydrochloric Acid, 1. Same as Nitric

Acid Nitro-Hydrochloric Bath. To cause expulsion of calculus, and to relieve pain Oil, 1. In large doses has been followed by the expulsion of gall-stones Purton Spa, 1

Salicylate of Sodium. As prophylactic Sodium Carbonate, 1. In large quantity of hot water during passage of stone. At first there is usually vomiting, but this soon ceases Sodium Phosphate, 1, 2. In 20 or 30 gr. doses before each meal as prophylactic. Should be given in plenty of water Sprudel Spa, 1 Turpentine and Ether, 1, 2. Durande's remedy. Equal parts to relieve pain during paroxysm; also occasionally as prophylactic along with a course of Carlsbad or Vichy water

Calculi, Renal and Vesical.

Alkalies, 2, 3. To resolve calculi, potash and soda to be used Alkaline Mineral Waters. Especially Vichy and Bethesda Ammonium Benzoate, 2. To resolve phosphatic calculi Anae sthetics. To relieve pain during passage of calculus Belladonna, 4. Sometimes relieves the pain of the passage of calculus

Borocitrate Of Magnesium, 1, 2. To dissolve uric acid calculus. Formula : Magnesii carb. 3]'.; Acid, citric, 5ij.; Sodii biborat. 3ij.; Aquae, 3viij. m. sig.; 3ij. ter die

Calumba. To relieve vomiting

Castor Oil. As purgative

Chloroform. As in biliary calculi

Cotton Root. As decoction to relieve gravel and strangury

Counter-Irritants, 3. To lessen pain during passage of calculus

Cows' Urine (Hippuric Acid), 1

Mineral Waters, especially Wildungen

Morphine. Hypodermically, as in biliary calculi

Nitric Acid. Dilute, as injection into the bladder to dissolve phosphatic calculi

Potassium Boro-Tautrate, 2. More efficient than the magnesium salt; prepared by heating together four parts of cream of tartar, one of boric acid, and ten of water. 20 gr. three times a day well diluted

Potassium Citrate. In haematuria with uric acid crystals

Water, Distilled. As drink


Acetic Acid. As injection into tumours

Acid Nitrate of Mercury

Acids. Internally in cancer of stomach

Aluminium Sulphate, 1. A caustic and disinfectant application

Argenti Nitras, 1. A saturated solution injected in several places; to be followed by an injection of common salt of a strength of 1 in 1,000

Arsenic, 1, 2, 3, 4. As local application, causes cancer to slough out. Sometimes successful when the knife fails, but is dangerous. Internally, in cancer in stomach lessens vomiting. Supposed to retard growth of cancer in stomach and other parts

Belladonna. Locally relieves pain. Used internally also

Bismuth, 2. To relieve pain and vomiting in cancer of stomach

Bromine Chlorides, 1. Alone or combined with other caustics. To be followed by a poultice

Bromine, Pure, 2. As caustic to use round cancer