Note. - The numbers after the drugs refer to the works quoted as authorities for the treatment :-Neale's Medical Digest, 1; Ringer's Therapeutics, 2; Bartholow's Therapeutics, 3; Wood's Therapeutics, 4.


Alcohol, 4. As a pure stimulant where a large quantity of pus is being poured out, draining the system

Belladonna, 2, 3. Internally, and locally as liniment or plaster, to abort the preliminary inflammation - e.g. of breast - afterwards to ease the pain in addition

Boric Acid, 2. A powerful non-irritating antiseptic dressing

Calcium Phosphate. Where abscess is large or chronic, as a tonic

Calcium Sulphide, 3. Small doses frequently repeated, to hasten maturation or healing, especially in deep-seated suppuration

Carbolic Acid, 1, 2, 4. As dressing, and as injection after evacuation

Caustic Potash, 3. For opening abscess in liver, also in chronic abscess where the skin is much undermined, also used to prevent scarring if otherwise opened

Cod-Liver Oil, 3. In scrofulous cases and in hectic

Counter-irritation. To surrounding parts, to check formation or hasten irritation

Creasote. Same as carbolic acid

Emplastrum Ammoniaci c. Hydrargyro, 2. As a stimulant to indolent inflammatory swellings

Ether, 3. To produce local anaesthesia, used as a spray for opening an abscess.

Ice, 1. After opening

Iodine, 2. As injection into the sac, and internally to cause absorption of products of inflammation

Oakum, 1. As a stimulating and antiseptic dressing

Oleate of Morphine and Mercury, 3. Relieves the pain, allays the inflammation, and causes the absorption of the products

Permanganate of Potassium, 2, 3, 4. As antiseptic

Poultices, 3. Advantageously medicated, e.g. with belladonna or opium, to allay pain and inflammation

Resorcin, 2. In syphilitic and other unhealthy sores as an antiseptic

Salicylic Acid, 2. As antiseptic dressing

Sheet Lead. Is useful in the chronic abscess of the leg as a dressing

Silver Nitrate, 2. A strong solution in nitrous ether, painted around the area of inflammation, will check it in superficial parts

Sodium Auro-terchloride, 1. In scrofulous abscesses as a tonic

Sulphides, 3. Of potassium, sodium, ammonium, and calcium. They must be used in low doses, and are indicated in scrofulous abscess and in the chronic boils of children. To hasten suppuration


Acids, 2, 3. Before meals, or as an acid wine during meals. For acid eructations, especially of sulphuretted hydrogen

Alkalies, 3. After meals, best as bicarbonates; with flatulence give magnesia, if there is constipation; lime water, if there is diarrhoea

Ammonia, 4. In headache from acidity

Bismuth, 2, 3. In gastritis due to chronic abscess or chronic alcoholism. Very well combined with arsenic in very chronic cases, with hydrocyanic acid in more acute cases

Carbolic Acid, 2. To stop fermentation, or to relieve an irritable condition of the stomach

Charcoal. As biscuits

Creasote. Same as carbolic acid

Ipecacuanha, 3. In minim doses in pregnancy where flatulence and acidity are both present

Kino, 2. Useful along with opium

Lead Acetate, 2. In gastric catarrh and pyrosis

Manganese Oxide, 2. Sometimes relieves, probably acting like charcoal

Mercury, 3. When liver deranged and stools pale

Nux Vomica. In small doses before meals, especially in pregnancy, or in chronic alcoholism

Pulsatilla. mv. every four hours in water

Silver Nitrate, 2. Same as silver oxide

Silver Oxide, 2. Especially useful when acidity is accompanied by neuralgic pains in stomach

Sulphurous Acid, 2. If associated with the vomiting of a pasty material, presence of sarcinae

Tannic Acid, 2. In acidity associated with chronic catarrh and flatulence. Glycerine m j, tannic acid gr. iv, as pill


Alkaline Lotions, 2. When skin is greasy and follicles are black and prominent Arsenic. In chronic acne; generally, though not always, prevents the acne from bromide or iodide of potassium Belladonna, 3. As local application to check a too abundant secretion Bismuth, 2. As ointment or powder. In acne rosacea if acute Borax. Solution very useful Cajeput Oil, 4. As stimulant in acne rosacea Calcium Sulphide, 3. Same as sulphur. For internal use Cod-Liver Oil

Glycerine. Both locally and internally Iodide of Sulphur, 3. In all stages of the disease


Iodine, 4. Is of doubtful value

Liquor Hydrargyri Perchloridi, 2. In very early stages as a wash Liquor Hydrargyri Pernitratis, 4. A single drop on an indurated pustule will destroy without scar Phosphorus, 2. In chronic cases in place of arsenic. The phosphates and hypophosphites are safer and more valuable. The latter in acne indurata Potassium Bromide, 3. Sometimes useful in moderate doses in obstinate cases. This salt and the iodide very often cause acne when taken continuously Sand, 1. Friction with, useful Sulphur. Internally, and externally as a lotion or ointment, the most valuable agent Water. Hot sponging several times a-day

Addison's Disease.

Glycerine, 1. In full doses Iron. Anti-emetics and tonics Skimmed Milk, 1. As diet


ActaeA racemosa, 3. It restores the lochia in cases of sudden suppression and removes the symptoms

Belladonna. As ointment

Camphor, 2. Useful when combined with morphine, 10 gr. with 1/8 gr. of morphine

Chloral, 2. In large doses arrests the pains; contra-indicated in feeble action of the heart

Chloroform. Liniment to abdomen along with soap liniment

Cimicifuga, 2. Same as ergot

Ergot. To keep the uterus constantly contracted and prevent accumulation of clots in its cavity, and consequently the pains which they would occasion

Gelsemium, 2. Stops pains in doses sufficient to produce its physiological effect