(From capiistrum, a bridle). See Phimosis.


The name of some chirurgical bandages about the head, resembling a bridle, or rather a horse's head stall. Sec also Trismus.

Capistrum Auri

The soldering of gold. It is a name given to borax, because of its use in soldering this metal. See Borax.


See Fascia, N° 6.


(From caput, head). See Cephalic a.

Capitalis Reflexa

See Capelina.

Capitatae Plantae

Plants whose seeds, with their down, being included within a squamous calyx, are conglobated into a roundish figure resembling a head. Hence are called cephaloides or cephalotos.


(From caput, head). The head or seed vessels, frequently applied to mosses, etc. as in capitulum. Some suppose it to signify soapy water; others a lixivium.


(From caput, the head, and lavo, to wash). A bath or lotion for the head.

Capitis Obliquus Inferior

And major. See Obliquus inferior.

Capitis par tertium Fallopii. See Complexus Minor.

Capitis posticus. See Rectus major.

Capitis rectus. See Rectus minor.

Capitis vena. Sec Cephalica vena.


(A dim. of caput, the head). In botany, a species of inflorescence, in which several flowers form a kind of ball. In chemistry it is an alembic. (See Alembicus.) In anatomy it is a smaller process or protuberance of a bone received by another bone.

Capivus Albus

Sec Capiti balsamum.

Capnelaion Capnel

Eum. In Galen's works it is said to be a resin that flows spontaneously from some tree in Lacedaemon. In Cilicia it is called capnelaion, from Capnelaion Capnel 1686 smote, and oil, smoky oil; so called from its smoky exhalations when exposed to heat; but in Lacedaemon, and in some other places, it is called the first product. Faesius says it seems to be called capnelaion, because of the smoke it gives when placed near the fire.


(From Capniston 1689 smoke). A name of an oil prepared of several kinds of spices and oil, by kindling the spices, and thus impregnating the oil.


(From Capnitis 1690 smoke; so called from its smoky colour). See Tutia.


(Greek). Smoke; so called, because if its juice is applied to the eyes, it produces the same effect as smoke. See Fumaria.

Capo Capus

A name of the American toad. See Bufo. Also a capon, quia testiculi ejus sunt capti. The design of castrating a cock is to render him a fit leader for the other poultry, more fleshy, and more easily fattened.

Capo molago. See Piper Indicum.

Capolin Mexicano Rum Hernandez

(Indian). Sweet Indian cherries, called also cerasus du/cis Indica. The bark is restringent. There are three species, the xitoma capolin, the helocapolin, and the tolacapolin. Rail Hist. We cannot discover this plant in any system.