Laying Off Seat And End Cut Of Hip Rafter For Square Cornered Building. The seat cut and end cut of a hip rafter will be laid off in a manner quite similar to that used in laying off the seat and end cuts of the common rafter as described in Sec. 18. There will be this difference, of course; the numbers to be used on the square will be 17" on the tongue instead of 12" as in the case of the common rafter. The rise per foot of run will be the same as for the common rafter. The run of the tail of the common rafter determines the length of lookout or the number of times the square will be advanced. The distance 1-3, Fig. 52, must be the same on hip and valley as on common rafter of the same pitch of roof. The end cut of a hip rafter must be mitered to receive the fascia. The amount to be taken off for a square cornered building will be indicated by laying off lines a distance equal to one-half the thickness of the rafter, measured straight back from the lay-out of the end cut, Fig. 63. Since these cuts are identical with the side cut at the upper end of hip or valley, the square may be used as in laying off a side cut, cf. Section 22, second method.

Fig. 63. Miter Cut of Hip Rafter End

Fig. 63. Miter Cut of Hip Rafter End.