195.     Besides the use of the hooks to represent consonant-sounds in writing words standing alone, they are also sometimes employed in phrase-writing to indicate one or more entire words.

196.     En-hook in Phrases. - The words an, and, and own may be written with the En-hook. The En-hook is also used for than after comparatives, and sometimes for been.

197.     Ef or Vee Hook in Phrases. - The words of and have may be written with the Vee-hook.

Examples Of En And Vee Hook Phrases.


198. Vee-hook on Curved Stems. - A large final-hook on curved stems is sometimes used for v. But such use of this hook (which is identical in form and size with the Shun-hook on curves) is limited to writing the words have and of and the termination ever (353). Examples:


Reading Exercise.


Writing Exercise.

199. In my opinion, within-a minute of half-an-hour (196) ago, Vaughan, the phonographer, began taking-the talk down in phonography with-a phonographic pen. Martin Chapman of Camden began phonography the beginning (148) of June a year-ago, and now he-has become a fine phonographer, and can take-down all that Rev. Reuben Newton of Orange can say in-a 20-minute talk, from opening to-finish (176). One evening in June, between nine and ten, Ellen Logan began running up-and-down (196) the corn, thinking (148) it fine fun ; when Nathan Allen ran out-of his barn with-a long rattan which he-had hidden (115) and had handy; and now the foolish maiden will remain within her kitchen window, in high dudgeon, moaning and repining at mundane venom and villainy, and wishing she could go to-a nunnery.