ILL-Health. Temporary

A portion, of the Line of Life thin or chained,

Illness Caused By Love Sorrows

Lines connecting Lines of Life and Heart.

Illness, Not Very Serious

A bar cutting Line of Life. A bar cutting Line of Liver.

Illness, Sudden. Grave

A semicircular line cutting Line of Life - 175.

Illness. Very Serious

A break or cross, or star or black dot on the Line of Life. The same signs on Line of Liver, An island is a still worse indication.

Imagination At Its Best

Hand proper soft and shorter than fingers; the latter smooth, with pointed tips. First phalanges of all fingers longer than normal, especially those of the first and third fingers. Almond shaped nails. Mounts of Jupiter and the Sun excellent. Finely developed Mounts of the Moon and Venus. A broad, perfect Triangle.

Imagination Blended With Practical Ideas

Hand about same size as fingers, with conical tips. A rather elastic palm. Second knot marked The Mounts of the Sun and Mercury blended into one. Very little droop of the Line of Head and moderate Mounts of the Moon ano Venus.

Imagination. Diseased

Thin (even transparent) and very soft hand. The sign of the Moon on an exaggerate Mount of the Moon. Very drooping and widely forked Line of Head. Strong Girdle of Venus.


Smooth, short fingers. Short first phalanx of the thumb, Lines of Life and Head widely separated at the start. Very little, if any, Mount of Saturn, and the second finger more conical than the others.


See Imprudence. Add: Fingers thrown backward naturally and often flexible.


Soft hands; conically tipped, smooth fingers. First phalanx of the Thumb below normal. A short Line of Head and a chained Line of Heart. Cross lines on the Lower Mount of Mars. A crescent inside the third angle of the Triangle.

Incurable Disease

A star on the Mount of Saturn. A cross cut by a downward branch of the Line of Life.

Indagine. Johann; a German, and one of the leading Chiromants of all times; Author of "Introductiones Apostles-matica? Elegantes in Chyromantiam, etc." (Strasburg: 1522). This, and his "Chiromantia, Physiognomia Periaxi-omata de Faciebus Signorum" (1534), had a number of editions in Latin, German, French and English, the latter published in 1651 under the title of "The Book of Palmistry and Physiognomy."

Independence, Great Spirit Of

First Finger leaning toward Thumb. Wide space between bases of First and Second Fingers. Spatulate tipped, knotted fingers. Short nails. Long first phalanx of the thumb. Mount of Jupiter predominant, Separation between Lines of Life and Head at the start. Long Line of Head. Plain and Mounts of Mars quite marked.

Indifference To All Things Beautiful

Hard Palm. Spatulate fingers. Third finger too short. Mount of the Sun absent. No Mount of the Moon to speak of (except in health meanings). Poor Line of Heart and stiff Line of Head.

Indigestion. Chronic

A wavy Line of Liver and an islanded Line of Life. Irregular or wavy Line of Liver, with poor Line of Head.

Influence, External

Transmitted through the nerves; quotation Charles Bonnet - 19.

Influence Over Others, Great

Long Fourth Finger. Ingeber. Johann; 3 German; author of "Chiromantia, Metopascopia, et Physiognomia practica" (Frankfurt: 1724).


Case: 186. Inheritance. Double. - Case; 185, Inheritance Through Death of Insane Relative- - Case: 283.

Initie, Un; a Frenchman; author of "Les Mystères des Sciences Occultes" (Paris: 1894).


See Curiosity.


The Sign of the Moon on the Mount of Saturn. Many confused lines On a bulging Mount of the Moon, with a sloping, starred or chained Line of Head. The Sign of the Moon on the Mount of the Moon. Line of Head sloping to bottom of Mount of the Moon, with a star on second phalanx of second finger. Wavy Line of Head rising close to Line of Heart under Mounts of the Sun or Mercury. Line of Head sloping deeply and broken. Line of Head merging into Line of Liver, the Line of Life being forked at the start. A split Line of Head.

Insanity. Alcoholic

Line of Mars very red, ending in a fork, one prong ending in a star on Mount of the Moon, with 3 black dot on Line of Head.

Insanity Caused By Love, Temporary

Case: 237.

Insanity. Hereditary, Erotic

A star at the end of a branch of Line of Heart drooping into Mount of the Moon.

Insanity Of A Materialistic Philosopher

Case: 240.

Insanity Of An Erotic Character

A star on the Mount of the Moon connected by a Line of Influence with the Mount of Venus. A star at the end of a branch of the Line of Heart drooping into the Mount of the Moon.

Insanity, Religious

The Sign of Saturn on the Mount of the Moon. Two crosses close to the Line of the Sun on the Mount of the Sun.

Insanity, Senile

Line of Life tasseled at its termination, one prong deep into the Mount of the Moon.

Insanity Shown In The Colors Of The Lines

Case: 350.

Insanity, Temporary

Case: 186.

Insanity, Violent

The Sign of the Moon on Upper Mount of Mars. The Sign of Mars on the Mount of the Moon. The Line of Life of a livid color. All Lines very red and the Mounts of Mars and the Moon exaggerate.

Intellectual Power

Fingers longer than palm, slightly conical, especially the first and fourth fingers, and knotted (for deep students). Mounts of the Sun, Jupiter and Mercury predominant. Superb Line of Head. Long Line of Heart starting from deep into the Mount of Jupiter and just a trifle forked and sloping at the termination. Excellent Lines of Sun and Liver,

Intestinal Troubles

A strong red line between the first and second fingers. Much lined lower part of the Upper Mount of Mars and upper part of the Mount of the Moon. Large island at termination of Line of Head.