Intestinal Trouble

Case: 281.


Square palm. Smooth, spatulate fingers, with square, strong nails. Third finger above normal. Rather short thumb, with first phalanx longer than second. Mounts and Plain of Mars predominant, with fine Mount of Mercury. A Fine Line of Heart.

Intuition, Gift Of

Thin and very soft hands. Short nails. Short, smooth, conical Fingers. The first phalanges of all fingers above average. A short. but conical, first phalanx of the Thumb. The Mounts of the Moon and Mercury predominant. Sometimes the Mount of Saturn strongly marked. A clear Line of Intuition; or, if it is not there, a clear Line of the Liver running closer, to the Percussion than normal. A fine Triangle, A Line of Fate rising from low down into the Mount of the Moon. Often a drooping Line of Head. A triangle on the Mount of the Moon. Intuition, The Line of. - 210. I. Position and Direction - 210, 2. Character - 210. 3. Starting Point - an. 4. Termination - 211, 5. Branches - 211. - 6. Breaks - 211. 7. Connected with the Main Lines: a. Directly - 211; b. By Minor Lines - 211 8. Signs - 212. Invention and Method United, - Case:

Inventive Genius, Practical

Elastic Halm, Short nails. Long, knotted fingers; the fourth finger above normal. A long Thumb. The Mounts of Mercury and the Sun predominant, the former with one or more downward lines. A fine Line of Head slightly drooping; often with a fine triple fork at the end. Inventive Genius, Unpractical. - The above signs, except that the knot will be absent, at least the second knot. The Line of Head will droop too much down the Mount of the Moon; the latter above normal. Confused downward lines on the Mounts of the Sun and Mercury. Irony. - Short nails, with soft palm. Mount of Mercury (sometimes Saturn) predominant. A poor Line of Heart.


See Skepticism.

Inland on Line of the Sun. Influence of.

- Case: 272. Jaundice. - Exaggerate or much, lined Mount of Mercury. A spot or a star on the Mount of the Moon.


Case: 208.

Judgment. Sound

See Common Sense.

Jupiter. Mount Of

1, Position - 84. 2. Meanings - 85. 3, Displacements - 86. 4. Revealing Illnesses - 89. 5. Revealing Mode of Suicide - 90. 6, Signs - 93. 7. Signature: a. Physical Peculiarities - 122; b. Health Peculiarities - 124; c. Mental and Moral Peculiarities - 124. 8. In connection with another prominent Mount - 137.


15; 17; 22. In its more modern meaning, a book written sometime in the XIII. century and containing a Jewish interpretation of occultism in its essence and manifestations. It is claimed to have come to the Jews through the Egyptian priesthood, and to go back to prehistorical times.

Kidney Troubles

The lower part of the Mount of the Moon exaggerate or much lined. A cross at the same place on the Mount. A long Line of Voyage reaching almost to the Line of Life and forked at the termination.


Marked bulge of one (or both) of the Finger Joints. Upper Knot called '"Philosophical Knot." Lower Knot called "Knot of Material Order" - 48. Only one Knot on the Thumb: the "Philosophical Knot" - 54.

Kollmann. Arthur; a German; author of "Der Tast-Apparat der Hand der Menschlichen Rassen und der Affen in Seines Entwickelung und Glied-erung" (Leipsic: 1883).

La Chambre. Dr. de; a famous French physician; author of "L'Art de con-naitre les hommes" (Paris: 1662).

Langridge. M. C; English author of "The Key to Palmistry" (London: 1894).


Line of Liver forked at termination.

Lavater, J. Caspar; a Swiss; author of the modern theory of Physiognomy, described in his books, "Etudes sur la Physionomie" (The Hague: 1783), and "L'Art de Connaitre les Hommes par la Physionomie" (Paris: 1806).

Lawyer, Aptitude To Be A

Short nails. Fourth Finger predominant. Long second phalanx of the Thumb. Large Mounts of Mercury and Mars. Line of Head separated from Line of Life at the start and distinctly forked at the termination.


A Line of Influence cutting an upward branch of the Line of Life and merging (or cutting) the Line of the Sun. In the first case, the lawsuit is won, in the second it is lost. Crosses in the First Angle of the Triangle.

Lawsuit Lost, Family

Case: 302.


Hand proper longer than fingers. Hand thick and soft. Very short, conical fingers. Mounts of the Moon, Venus and (sometimes) the Sun predominant. Drooping Line of Head, with short first Phalanx of the Thumb. The Second Angle broad and poorly marked.

Ledos. Eugène; a Frenchman; author of "Traité de la Physionomie Humaine" (Paris: 1895), and of other works on sister sciences.


An angle or star on the middle of the First Bracelet of the Ras-cette. A Line of Influence from a star on the Mount of Venus merging into the Line of the Sun. Lines of Influence from the Mount of the Moon running alongside the Line of the Sun without touching it. See Inheritance.

Teg Crippled

Case: 251.

Leg. Wound On

Capillary cross lines on the Mount of Mercury. A lentillike dark spot low down on the Mount of Mercury.

Legs. Deprivation Of The Use Of

Case: 171.

Legs. Troubles With The

Exaggerate or much lined Mount of Saturn. Line of Head broken under the Mount of Saturn.


Very poor Lines of Life and Heart; a single uncrossed Bracelet of the Rascette. A very low Plaid of Mars.


Case: 170.

Levi, Elipha5; a Frenchman; author of "Dognie et Rituel de la Haute Magic" (Paris: 1850).

Liar, The

Fourth finger crooked. Mounts of Mercury and the Moon exaggerate and rayed. A cross on the former. No Mount of Jupiter. The Line ef Head drooping and widely forked at the termination.

Life,_a Short

Short Line of Life (especially in both hands).