Life In Convent

A square at the lower part of the Mount of Venus. A grille on the Mount of Jupiter in an otherwise excellent hand.

Life Ruined By Imprudence

Widely separated Lines of Life and. Head. A Second finger below normal, and a Third finger longer than the Second. A Line of Fate from the Mount of the Moon stopping abruptly at the Line of Head, the latter drooping into an exaggerate Mount of the Moon.

Life Ruined By Love

A Line of Fate merging into a broken or starred Line of Heart under the Mount of Satum. A wavy Line of Head running at the termination toward the Line of Heart, which it cuts. Poor, or starred Lines of Fate and the Sun. A double Line of Heart.

Life Ruined By Our Own People

Lines of Influence from the Mount of Venus cutting Lines of Fate, Head and Heart, also the Line of the Sun.

Life, The Line O.f - Exhaustive Study

153. I. Position and Direction - 153. 2. Character: a. By Itself - 154; b. In combination with other Indications - 157. 3 Starting Points and Forks at the start - 157. 4. Termination and Forks at the Termination - 159. 5. Branches - 16l. 6. Breaks - 162. 7. Connected with the Main Lines: a. Directly - 163; b. By means of Minor Lines - 166. 8. Bars. Capillaries and Signs - 166.

Life. Uneventful

No Line of Fate.

Line of Heart starting from between the first and second finger. The Mounts insignificant. Lines in General, - 141. Main Lines, 14 in number. Preliminary study - 141. 1. Grouping: Six Divisions, each under a Principal Main Line. Chief Lines; Life, Head, Heart. 2, Meaning. 3. Character: a. Color; b. Length; c. Depth. 4. Malformation (illustration: a. Broken; b. Split; c. Chained or Linked; d. Islanded. The Lines are also: a. Forked (at the extremities); b. Branched, either upward or downward; c. Tasseled.

Lines Of Influence From The Mounts Of Venus Or Lower Mars Or The Line Of Life

172, ). Inside the Mounts: A. Concentric to the Line of Life - 74.

C. Cross Lines - 174. 2. From the Mounts or the Line: A. Ending inside the Triangle but cutting no Main Line - 174; B. Terminating upon any of the other Mounts - 175; C. Merging into or cutting Main Lines - 179;

D. Starting from a sign - 183; E. Ending in a sign - 187; Starting and ending in a sign - 190.

Lines Of Influence In General

172. Either Sister Lines or Cross Lines. From the Mounts of Venus or Lower Mars or the Line of Life - 173. From the Mount of the Moon - 292. From the Upper Mount of Mars - 307.

Lines, Vanishing Of The

An admirable instance of such disappearance, translated from Desbarrolles - 147-

Lion Kilter, A Famous

Case: 230.

Literary Man; Special Nature

Case: 220. Literature. Aptitude for - Long First and Fourth Fingers, often conical. Mounts of Mercury and the Sun predominant, with the Mounts of Venus and the Moon indispensable for writers of Poetry or Fiction. A slightly drooping Line of Head, somewhat forked at the Termination; often white dots on it. Small downward line on the first joint of the first finger. A line from the Rascette straight to the Mount of the Sun.

Liver, The Line Of

200. E. Position and Direction - 201. 2. Character: a. By Itself - 201; b. In combination with other Indications - 202. 3. Starting Points - 204. 4. Termination and Forks at the Termination - 204. 5. Branches - 205. 6. Breaks - 205. 7. Connected with the Main Lines - 205. 8, Signs - 206.

Liver Trouble, Very Serious

Damp skin, especially if clammy cold. Exaggerate and much lined Mount of Mercury. Yellow colored Lines, especially Line of Liver. Line of Liver formed in ladder-tike fragments. Dark spots on the Mount of the Moon.


Very long and good Line of Fate, especially if it comes out in a great circle. Long and clear Line of Liver, if not connected at the start with Line of Life. A complete Rascette. Lines of Head and Heart in a healthy condition.

Longevity, Great

Case: 165.

Loss Of Blood From The Bowels

Case: 191.

Loss Of Fortune By Parents

Case: 181.

Loss Of Money, Repeated

A very Hollow Plain of Mars. Breaks, Bars, Stars or Islands on the Line of the Sun. Islands on the Line of Liver. An Island on the Line of Fate in a. hand that denotes no immoral instincts.

Love Affair Broken Off

Case: 289.

Love Affairs, Two Simultaneous

Case: 188.

Love, Disappointment In

Plain of Mars hollow toward Heart. The Line of Heart cut by a bar near the start. Line of Head running close to the Line of Head. Line of Fate chained when crossing Line of Heart. Badly formed star in the Triangle.

Love. Capacity For

A large Mount of Venus in a hand generally soft. A fine clear Line of Heart. Via Lasciva as Sister Line to Line of Liver. A fine Line of Mars.

Love, Extreme Passion In

A thick, soft hand. Exaggerate Mounts of Venus and the Moon. Line of Heart starling forkless under Mount of Saturn. Often Chief Lines quite red, with strong Mounts and Plain of Mars, Clear, red Line of Mars.

Love, Fatal

See Life Ruined by Love.

Love, Fatal Only

Case: 299.

Love For A Near Relative

All island on a Line of Union.

Love. Ideal

A finely forked Line of Heart starting high inside the Mount of Jupiter.

Love Not Ending In Marriage

A Line of Influence from the Mount of the Moon terminating just before it reaches the Line of Fate,

Love. Troubles In

See Love, Disappointments in.

Lovers At The Same Time, Two

Case 1 290. Case: 349.

Lucas. Louis; a Frenchman; author of "Chimie Nouvclle," and "Acoustique Nouvelle," published between 1855 and 1860.

Luna, The Line Of

The Line of Intuition - 30.

Lymphatic Disposition

See Anœmia, which is its most dangerous form.