Barnas Sears, an American clergyman, born in Sandisfield, Mass., Nov. 19, 1802. He graduated at Brown university in 1825, studied theology at Newton, Mass., was pastor of the first Baptist church in Hartford, Conn., for two years, and in 1829 became a professor in the Hamilton literary and theological institution, now Madison university, New York. In 1833 he went to Germany to study, and on his return was appointed to a professorship in the theological seminary at Newton, and for several years was its president. In 1848 he was made secretary and executive agent of the Massachusetts board of education. In August, 1855, he was elected president of Brown university, which office he held till February, 1867, when he became general agent of the Peabody education fund. He received the degree of D. D. from Harvard university in 1841, and LL. D. from Yale college in 1862. Dr. Sears has published "Ciceroniana, or the Prussian Mode of Instruction in Latin" (1844); "Select Treatises of Martin Luther in the Original German" (1846), with philological notes; "Life of Luther, with special reference to its earlier Periods and the Opening Scenes of the Reformation" (1850); and a revised edition of Roget's "Thesaurus" (1854). He edited the "Christian Review" for several years.