Brody, a town of East Galicia, Austria, capital of a district of the same name, 52 m. E. N. E. of Lemberg; pop. in 1869, 18,890, of whom two thirds are Jews, whence it has been called " the German Jerusalem." It is an important commercial focus for Galicia, Roumania, Turkey, Germany, and chiefly for Russia, on the frontier of which it is situated. In 1779 it was established by Austria as a free port. It is generally dirty and badly built, but has a number of fine buildings, among which are the Po-tocki palace, the principal synagogue, and several churches. It is the seat of an imperial administrative board for the district, and of a commercial tribunal, has a superior school for the Jews, and a gymnasium. Two great annual fairs are held, and the transactions amount to about $20,000,000 yearly. The traffic is in grain, horses, cattle, tallow, hides, furs, leather, wax, honey, dried fruits, colonial products, ironmongery, jewelry, wines, porcelain, etc.

It .also has extensive tanneries and linen factories. From May 8 to Oct. 7, 1849, Brody was occupied by Russian troops. In 1859 the town was desolated by a great fire.