Robley Dunglison, an American physician and author, born at Keswick, England, Jan. 4, 1798, died in Philadelphia, April 1, 1869. He graduated in medicine at Erlangen, Germany, in 1823, and in 1824 was called to the chair of medicine in the university of Virginia, which he held till 1833. He then accepted the professorship of materia medica and therapeutics in the university of Maryland, and in 1836 that of the institutes of medicine in Jefferson college, Philadelphia, which he held until a year before his death. He was a close student of philology and general literature, and enjoyed a high reputation for benevolence, which was especially exercised in giving time and services to the Philadelphia institution for the blind. His principal publications are: "Principles of Human Physiology" (2 vols. 8vo, Philadelphia, 1832; 8th ed., 1856); "New Dictionary of Medical Science and Literature " (2 vols. 8vo, Boston, 1833; 16th ed., revised and enlarged, under the title of "A Dictionary of Medical Science," 1 vol. 8vo, Philadelphia, 1865); " Elements of Hygiene " (Philadelphia, 1835; 2d ed., entitled "Human Health," 1844); "General Therapeutics" (8vo, 1836; 6th ed., 1857); " Medical Student " (8vo, 1837); "New Remedies" (1839; 7th ed., 1856); "Practice of Medicine " (2 vols., 1842; 3d ed., 1848). Dr. Dunglison also translated and edited several foreign medical works.

A memoir by his son, Dr. R. J. Dunglison, was published in 1870.