And Ursa Minor Ursa Major

See Bear, Great and Lesser.

Anders Gustaf Dahlbom

Anders Gustaf Dahlbom, a Swedish entomologist, born in East Gothland, March 3, 1806, died May 3, 1859. He graduated at Lund in 1829, was teacher of natural history there, and published from 1829 to 1852 ten distinct works on insects in Latin and Swedish, of which his Hymenoptera Europaea, prcecipue Borealia, is the most important.

Anders Sandoe Oersted

Anders Sandoe Oersted, a Danish statesman, born at Rudkjöping, in the island of Langeland, Dec. 21, 1778, died in Copenhagen, May 1, I860. He was educated at the university of Copenhagen, where he became intimate with Oeh-lenschlager, whose sister he married, he attained eminence as a jurist, held various public offices, and in 1825 became attorney general. He was a member of the cabinet from 1841 to 1848, and in 1853 became prime minister. On the question of the king's right to grant new constitutions to Holstein and Schleswig without consulting the diet, the ministry was overthrown in December, 1854. Articles of impeachment were then preferred against Oersted and his colleagues, but they were acquitted. He wrote Eunomia (4 vols., 1815-'22); Haand-bog over den, danske og norske Lorlyndighed (6 vols., 1822-35); an autobiography (4 vols., 1851-7); and several works on philosophy.

Andre Cochut

Andre C'Ochut, a French publicist, born in Paris in 1812. He early acquired distinction as a political economist and as an authority on Algerian colonization, by his disquisitions in the Revue des Deux Monties, and in 1848 by his Rapport general sur l'Algerie, drawn up and printed by order of the government, though the publication was prevented by the outbreak of the revolution. In 1851 he published a volume containing a number of his contributions to the press, especially to the National, under the title of Les associations ouvrieres, etc. His principal subsequent essays are a historical sketch of the system of Law (in the Bibliotheque des chemins de fer, 1853), and Operations et tendances financieres du second empire (in the Revue des Deux Mondes, 1868).

Andre Da Chesne

Andre Da Chesne. See DUCHESNE.

Andre Duchesne

Andre Duchesne, a French historian, born in He Bouchard, Touraine, in 1584, died in 1640. He was geographer and historiographer to the king. On his way from Paris to his country seat he was run over by a cart and killed. Besides his published works he left more than 100 volumes in manuscript. Among the most important of the former are Historioe Normannorum Scriptores Antiqui (fob, Paris, 1619); Historioe Francorum Scriptores (3 vols, fob, 1636-'41); and some genealogical histories. - His son Francois, born in Paris in 1616, was also historiographer to the king, and wrote a history of the popes (2 vols, fol., 1653). He died in 1693.

Andre Francois Miot

Andre Francois Miot, count de Melito, a French author, born in Versailles, about 1762, died in Paris, Jan. 5, 1841. He was connected with the ministries of war and foreign affairs and the diplomatic service, and was councillor of state under the empire, minister of war and the interior under Joseph Bonaparte in Naples, and intendant of his court in Madrid. In 1835 he was admitted to the French academy. His principal works are: a translation of Herodotus with a life of Homer attached (3 vols., Paris, 1822); Bibliotheque historique de Dio-dore de Sidle, a translation containing all new fragments of the works of Diodorus (7 vols., 183o-'8); and his posthumous Memoir es sur le consulate Vempire et le roi Joseph (3 vols., -1858).