Comus, in the later. Greek mythology, the god of festive mirth. He is represented as a winged youth,. intoxicated and languid after feasting, his head sunk on his breast, his legs crossed, his countenance flushed with wine. In one hand he feebly grasps a hunting spear, in the other an inverted torch.

Conat Of Montemolin

See Carlos III.


See Cone Shells.


Concentaina, a town of Spain, in the province and 28 m. N. of the city of Alicante; pop. about 6,600. It has manufactures of linen, woollen, paper, and soap, and an annnal fair which is one of the largest in Spain.


See Conchos.


Concho, a W. county of Texas, bounded N. E. by the Colorado river, W. by Bexar district, and intersected by the Rio Concho and other streams; area, 1,025 sq. m.; yet unsettled. The surface is broken and rocky. Timber is scarce. The climate is dry and salubrious.

Conchos, Or Conchas

Conchos, Or Conchas, a river of Chihuahua, Mexico, which rises high up in the Sierra Madre, flows S. E., N. E., and then N., through a beautiful tract of country, comprising the richest of the table land of Chihuahua, and empties into the Rio Grande near Presidio del Norte, in lat. 29° 30' N., lon. 104° 40' W., after a course of about 350 m. It is the largest tributary of the Rio Grande, and very little inferior in size to that river itself. Its principal branches are the Florido, Buenavista, San Pedro, Chihuahua, and Balleza.

Concino Concini

See Ancre, Marshal d'.

Conde. I. Conde-Sur-Leseaut

Conde. I. Conde-Sur-L'Eseaut, a town of France, in the department of Le Nord, near the Belgian frontier, 7 m. N. E. of Valenciennes; pop. in 1866, 4,642. It is noted for its arsenal and fortifications, for its trade in coal, cattle, and corn, and its manufactories of cordage, leather, chiccory, and starch. A canal. 15 m. long connects it with Mons in Belgium. It was taken by the Austrians in 1793. The princes of Conde took their title from this place. II. Conde-sur-Noireau, a town in the department of Calvados, at the confluence of the Noireau and Drance rivers, 24 m. S. S. W. of Caen; pop. in 1866, 6,643. It was one of the first towns to sympathize with the reformation, became a rallying point of the Protestants at the beginning of the 16th century, and a provincial synod was held there in 1674. Dumont d'Urville, the traveller, was a native of this town.

Condom, A Town Of France

A Town Of France - Condom, in the department of Gers, on the river Bayse, which is here crossed by two bridges, 24 m. N. N. W. of Auch; pop. in 1866, 8,140. It has manufactories of cotton, mixed fabrics, and earthenware, and carries on a brisk trade with Bordeaux in agricultural produce. There is a handsome Gothic church of the 16th century, and a communal college. It was formerly the seat of a bishopric, which was for some time filled by Bossuet. Dupleix and Salvandy were born there.

Conductivity Fob Heat

(Franz and Wiedemann).

Silver........ =1000

Copper....... 736

Gold......... 682

Zinc......... 190

Tin.......... 145

Iron......... 119

Lead......... 85

Platinum..... 84