Evening Primrose

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Ewald Christian Von Kleist

Ewald Christian Von Kleist, a German poet, born at Zeblin, Pomerania, March 3, 1715, died in Frankfort-on-the-Oder, Aug. 24, 1759. After studying at Konigsberg, he entered successively the Danish and the Prussian military service, was appointed lieutenant under Prince Henry by Frederick the Great, and after distinguishing himself for valor was fatally wounded in the battle of Kunersdorf. His greatest production is Der Fruhling (1749). An edition of his complete works was published at Berlin in 1803 (2 vols.; 2d ed., 1825). A new edition, revised by Julian Schmidt, appeared in 1859.

Eyre Evans Crowe

Eyre Evans Crowe, an English historian, born about 1799, died Feb. 25, 1868. For many years he followed the profession of a journalist in London, writing for the "Morning Chronicle," "Examiner," and "Daily News," chiefly on continental affairs. His principal works are: "Lives of Foreign Statesmen" (1830), "The Greek and the Turk" (1853), "Reigns of Louis XVIII. and Charles X." (1854), and "History of France" (5 vols., 1858-'68).

Ezechiel Spanheim

Ezechiel Spanheim, a Swiss author, born in Geneva, Dec. 7, 1621), died in London, Nov. 7, 1710. He studied at Leyden, was a professor at Geneva, represented the elector palatine in various countries, and subsequently the elector of Brandenburg for many years in Paris, and in the last eight years of his life was Prussian ambassador in London. His works include Dissertationes de Proestantia et Usu Numis-matum Antiquorum (4to, Rome, 1664; best ed., 2 vols., London and Amsterdam, 1706-17), and Orbis Romanus (London, 1704; contained also in Graevius's Thesaurus, vol. xi.).

Ezra Lee

Ezra Lee, an American revolutionary soldier, born in Connecticut in 1749, died in Lyme, Conn., in 1821. In August, 1770, he volunteered on the hazardous enterprise of affixing Bushnell's infernal machine to the British ship Eagle, then lying in New York harbor; but the attempt, owing to the thickness of her copper sheathing, was only partially successful. He landed safely after remaining several hours in the water, and received the congratulations of Washington. He served with credit at Monmouth and in other battles of the revolution.

F. H. Von Kittlitz

F. H. Von Kittlitz, baron, a German naturalist, born in 1798, died in Mentz, April 10, 1874. He was an officer in the Prussian army, and a nephew of the Russian field marshal Diebitsch, and made with the Russian captain Lutke a circumnavigation of the globe (1826-'9). He was also a painter and engraver, and published ornithological and other essays, illustrated by himself. In 1870, though then in his 72d year, he took charge of a military hospital. His works include Vierundzwanzig Vegetations-ansichten von den Kusten and Inseln des Stillen Oceans (Wiesbaden, 1850-'52; new ed., Berlin, 1862 etseq.); Denkwurdigkeiten einer Reise nach dem russischen Amerika, nach Mihrone-sien und durch Kamtschatka (2 vols., Gotha, 1858); and Psychologische Grundlage fur eine neue Philosophic der Kunst (Berlin, 1863).