Island, a 1ST. W. county of Washington territory, bounded S. and S. W. by Admiralty inlet, and W. by Rosario strait; area, 200 sq. m.; pop. in 1870, 626. It comprises Hat, Cama-no, and Whitby islands, the last being 60 m. long, of irregular width, and noted for its fertile soil and salubrious climate. The chief productions in 1870 were 3,271 bushels of wheat, 4,856 of oats, 13,069 of barley, 15,043 of potatoes, 9,297 lbs. of wool, 11,395 of butter, and 1,942 tons of hay. There were 214 horses, 433 milch cows, 579 other cattle, 3,099 sheep, and 1,108 swine; 1 flour mill, 1 saw mill, and 3 establishments for building and repairing ships. Capital, Coupeville.

An Island Bourbon

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Island Of Joannes

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Island Of Margarita

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Island Of Rodriguez

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An Island Pomona

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Isle Of Athelney

Isle Of Athelney, a tract of about 100 acres in Somersetshire, England, 7 m. S. E. of Bridge-water. In the time of Alfred the Great it was an island at the junction of the Tone and Par-ret rivers. Alfred concealed himself among its marshes during the Danish invasion, and afterward founded an abbey there, about 888.

Isle Of France

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Isle Of Man

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Ismailia, a town of Lower Egypt, on the N. shore of Lake Timsah, on the Suez canal, and on the railroads leading from Alexandria and Cairo to Suez; pop. in 1870, about 4,000. It was founded in 1863, to serve as a central seat for the administration of the work on the Suez canal, which had been simultaneously begun at Suez and Port Said. It was named after the khedive. In consequence of its favorable situation it seems destined to become a place of great commercial importance.

Ismid, Or Iskimid

Ismid, Or Iskimid (anc. Nicomedia) a town of Turkey in Asia, in the vilayet of Khodaven-dighiar, at the bottom of the gulf of Ismid, 50 m. S. E. of Scutari; pop. about 8,000. It is beautifully situated, but the interior of the town is wretched, and but few relics remain of Nicomedia. Greek and Armenian prelates and a Turkish pasha reside here, and there is a small community of Armenians converted to Protestantism. The port is accessible to the largest ships. Silk and pottery are manufactured. Tokolyi, the leader of the Hungarian Protestants against Leopold I., died in Ismid, and is buried there. (See Nicomedia.)

Isometric Projection

Isometric Projection (Gr.Isometric Projection 0900580 equal, andIsometric Projection 0900581measure), a species of drawing, used chiefly by engineers, in which the perspective plane of the paper must be imagined as making equal angles with the three principal dimensions of the figure, and the eye at an infinite distance. Thus lines in the three principal directions will be drawn on the same scale, and that scale the same for all parts of each line.