Umbrella (Lam)

Umbrella (Lam), a genus of gasteropod mollusks, so called from the resemblance of the flattened shell to an umbrella. The animal has a very large tuberculated foot, deeply notched in front; the shell is small and limpet-like, merely covering the most important organs. The U. umbellata (Lam.), the Chinese umbrella shell, is a native of the Indian ocean.

Umbrella umbellata.

Umbrella umbellata.


Umpqua, a river of Oregon, which, rising in the Cascade mountains and pursuing a general W. N. W. course, breaks through the Coast range and flows into the Pacific ocean at Umpqua head, lat. 43° 41' N. It has a total length of about 200 m., and is navigable by steamers of light draught to Roseburg, about 90 m. from its mouth, though more than half this distance is obstructed by rapids.


See Amritsie.


See Sloth.


Ung, a N. E. county of Hungary, in the Cis-Tibiscan circle, bordering on Galicia and the counties of Zemplén, Szabolcs, and Bereg; area, 1,180 sq. m.; pop. in 1870, 130,032, the majority Slavs, and the rest Magyars. The N. part of the county is traversed by thickly wooded branches of the Carpathians, and it is watered by the Ung and the Latorcza. The chief products are rye, oats, wine, and hemp. It contains the mineral springs of Szobráncz. The capital, Ungvár, is situated on the Ung, 85 m. N. N. E. of Debreczin; pop. in 1870, 11,017. It is the seat of a United Greek bishop, and has an episcopal seminary and lyceum, a gymnasium, an ancient castle, and mineral springs.


Unicoi, an E. county of Tennessee, separated from North Carolina by the Unaka mountains, and watered by the Nolichucky river and its tributaries; area, about 300 sq. m.; pop. about 2,000. It was formed in 1875 from Carter and Washington counties. It is a rugged mountain region, some peaks attaining a height of 5,500 ft. The arable land is confined to a few valleys and river basins. The slopes are well wooded with pine, chestnut, hemlock, cherry, spruce, and poplar. The tops of some of the peaks are bald, and furnish good pasturage. Iron ore is abundant. The climate is severe in winter, but cool and bracing in summer. Wheat, corn, oats, buckwheat, rye, and potatoes are the chief crops. Apples flourish, and peaches grow well in the recesses of the mountains. Capital, Longmire.


Unicorn, a fabulous animal resembling a horse, with a single horn issuing from the middle of the forehead, well known as the supporter with the lion of the coat of arms of England. The unicorn of various versions of the Bible undoubtedly originated in a mistranslation of a Hebrew word which probably denoted a kind of wild ox with two horns. Though the animal above described is often mentioned by ancient writers, none of them had ever seen one, and modern naturalists generally disbelieve that any such ever existed. The rhinoceros with a single horn does not correspond in any other particular to the description. The sea unicorn is the narwhal.