Gloucester ,.I. A S. W. county of New Jersey, separated by the Delaware river from Pennsylvania on the N. W., drained by Big Timber, Oldman's, Raccoon, and Mantua creeks; area, 280 sq. m.; pop. in 1870, 21,562. The surface is generally level and much of it covered with forests. The soil along the banks of the Delaware and for about 7 m. inland consists of a clayey loam, productive and well cultivated. Marl is found here, and iron ore is obtained near Woodbury. The S. E. part of the county is sandy and mostly unimproved. It is traversed by the West Jersey and the Swedesboro railroad. The chief productions in 1870 were 123,181 bushels of wheat, 20,-334 of rye, 457,236 of Indian corn, 27,543 of oats, 762,624 of sweet and 411,872 of Irish potatoes, 334,574 lbs. of butter, and 27,805 tons of hay. There were 4,574 horses, 5,523 milch cows, 2,415 other cattle, 2,704 sheep, and 10,382 swine; 3 manufactories of agricultural implements, 2 of boots and shoes, 10 of carriages, 5 of coffins, 2 of glass ware, 2 of window glass, 7 of saddlery and harness, 3 of tin, copper, and sheet-iron ware, 13 flour and 6 saw mills.

Capital, Woodbury. II. A S. E. county of Virginia, bordering on Chesapeake bay, bounded N. by the Piankatank and S. W. by York river; area, 280 sq. m.; pop. in 1870, 10,211, of whom 5,429 were colored. The surface is level and the soil light and productive. Among the most important exports are oysters and fish, the taking of which employs large numbers of the inhabitants, and wood, which is sent to New York and Philadelphia. The chief productions in 1870 were 21,966 bushels of wheat, 207,240 of Indian corn, 25,856 of oats, 10,673 of Irish and 9,110 of sweet potatoes. There were 808 horses, 1,707 milch cows, 3,130 other cattle, and 8,274 swine. There were 6 saw mills. Capital, Gloucester Court House.

Gloucester #1

Gloucester , a N E. county of New Brunswick, Canada, bounded N. by the bay of Cha-leurs, E. by the gulf of St. Lawrence, and drained by Nipisiguit and other rivers; area, 1,684 sq. m.; pop. in 1871, 18,810, of whom 12,680 were of French, 3,695 of Irish, 1,215 of Scotch, and 932 of English origin. The surface inland is diversified by hills, between which lie fertile valleys. The climate is favorable for agriculture, while the great extent of coast, off which are several islands, and the number of good harbors, afford opportunities for fishing and lumbering. Ship building is actively carried on. Capital, Bathurst.