The American Cyclopaedia Is In Fact A Library In Itself. It is the knowledge of the centuries boiled down; the essence of all books crystallized. It stands, on the shelves ready to answer briefly every conceivable question in physics, history, politics, art, philosophy, and what not; to furnish precisely the information wanted on almost every possible subject; to turn your children's wide-eyed wondering into the best of school-masters; to make of every question sprung in the family circle an instructive lesson; to convert your guesses into positive knowledge; to give you in brief paragraphs the result of other men's years of toilsome investigation. It is everything in little, and no skill is necessary to the finding of the particular thing the owner may happen to want. It is far more truly one of the "necessaries of life " than are many of the things which we commonly mean by that phrase.

The work has been entirely rewritten by the ablest writers on every subject, printed from new type, and illustrated with several thousand engravings and colored lithographic maps. It is not obligatory to take all the volumes upon the first delivery; a volume may be delivered once a month, or once in two months, at the option of the subscriber. The question is only, How much can be spared each month? Three dollars a month, which is only ten cents a day, the price of a cigar, will pay for a complete set of the Cyclopaedia by bimonthly subscription. Then there will be something substantial saved, and a storehouse of knowledge, indeed a universal library in itself, secured, with but little effort or sacrifice.

Price and Style of Binding.

In Extra Cloth, per volume

$ 5.00

In Library Leather, per col


In Half Turkey Morccco, per vol


In Half Russoa, extra gilt, per vol


In Full Morocco, antique, guilt edges, per vol


In Full Russia, per col


The publishers respectfully give notice to the public that the above-named work is not sold by them or their Agents to any one at less than the prices printed on this circular, and is sold only by subscription through their authorized Agents; nor will it be sold in the book-stores. They would advise those wishing the earliest impressions of the work, to subscribe at once.

Specimen pages will be forwarded on application to the publishers, D. APPLETON & CO., 549 & 551 Broadway, New York.