James Augustus Grant, a British traveller, born in Nairn, Scotland, in 1827. He was educated at Marischal college, Aberdeen. In 1845 he received an appointment in the Indian army, took part in both sieges of Mooltan and in the battle of Guzerat, and was with Have-lock at Lucknow. In 1861 he accompanied Capt. Speke on his second expedition to the lake region of central Africa. After traversing a district never before visited by white men, they reached Gondokoro in March, 1863, whence they soon after returned to England. Capt. Grant furnished the designs of the maps and engravings in Speke's "Journal of the Discovery of the Source of the Nile," and in 1864 published" A Walk across Africa, or Domestic Scenes from my Nile Journal." In 1866 he was made a commander of the bath. In 1868 he accompanied Lord Napier in the Abyssinian expedition as head of the intelligence department, and was nominated a commander of the order of the star of India for his services. He is now (1874) a major in the Bengal army.